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  • Inspired by everyday classic footwear, the Street is a faultless blend of fashion and function. Designed with synthetic materials for minimal stretch and a thin midsole, for a softer, more sensitive fit, the Street is an extremely lightweight, aggressive climbing shoe. 

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Great!!! thanks

Nothing compares.

I was apprehensive making the jump to aggressive shoes, and also I was drawn to these specifically because of their aesthetic quality, But NOTHING compares. I have never missed a foot hold or slipped from smearing on the wall, these shoes are great for precise footwork! With how shoe sizes differ greatly from company to company I’ve found these shoes to be the closest to matching the intended size in comparison to my walking “street shoes”. Furthermore I couldn’t imagine climbing without these awesome shoes, especially when ever I find a truly challenging problem that I have to send!

Great shoes!

Initially I had doubts on whether to buy or not simply because I couldn't try the shoe in my size at my local gym, specially since I had to fly them over. While every foot is different and I wasn't so sure on the whole half size up, I decided to take a leap and I can say the So iLL team certainly knows what they are talking about. I use street size 10 (having a little bit of dead space on the toe box) and ordered size 10 1/2 on The Street, enough to say it fit perfectly, no dead space at all.

Performance wise, it takes some time getting used to them because of the aggressive design and had to take them off in between a few routes. Nevertheless, they perform amazingly well, not causing my feet to overheat and feeling really secure while heel-hooking on overhangs.

Overall a great shoe to chose but would certainly recommend trying to find at least a smaller pair to try and asses whether the shape of you foot will fit or fill comfortable in these shoes.

Word of advise, ask through the chat for help and advice.


I was sitting it work talking to my boss about how all I wanted in the world was a rock climbing shoe company that made great shoes that didn’t look so lame. Before so ill came along shoes had to have these crazy bright colors and patterns that made no sense and looked horrible. Suddenly I get a text (literally as I’m sayin this to my boss) and it was a link to so ill’s Kickstarter. I watched the video and without a second thought I ordered two pairs of shoes. This was the most smooth running Kickstarter that I had ever backed.

I got the all black streets and the teal runners. I was ecstatic when the shoes performed just as spectacularly as they looked. I’m still wearing my streets on a daily basis when I climb in the gym and my runners have become my crag shoes.

I also ordered three pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts from them and I haven’t had a bad experience yet! I would (and do) recommend this company to as many climbers and I can!

Great shoe

Comfortable to climb in with w great grip and hold. The dark matter is holding up well.

Too small, and some toe rubs to start but they moulded and stretched perfectly after a few climbs.


Featuring Military Grade Dark Matter Rubber originally Developed for the US Navy Seals

  • So iLL Climbing shoe the Street

Premium Materials

The Street is fully sealed in a formidable matte black finish and equipped with a thin padded tongue. The larger buckles give the tightening system power and sensitivity to mold the soft shoe to your foot.

Advanced Features

An ultra thin midsole provides a softer more sensitive fit, creating an extremely lightweight aggressive climbing shoe. The toe box has been masterfully crafted to allow for a higher level of comfort and works conjunctively with the perfect amount of tension in the heel.


The Street is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, a member of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, "Dark Matter" rubber is a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches.

  • So iLL Street Climbing Shoe