Let’s take hold together.

So iLL was created a decade ago to forge new paths for indoor climbers. We moved the industry out of the dreary, cold warehouse walls and into the sizzle of unchartered terrains.

The So iLL adventure leaps across borders and expands into more than 20 countries worldwide. Join us in our expedition to alleviate the bland and further enhance your climbing experience.

It’s time for breakthrough.

The dream began twelve years ago for my brother and I on the musty porch of an old college house. A meager beginning with dial-up Internet and calling cards, we knew it was time to take hold of the impossible and starve our doubts to death.

Though the complexity of our methods has escalated since pouring holds on that porch, our passion remains the same. We exist to empower, protect and inspire you on the journey. We will continue to explore the world of high design and responsible production to help constantly improve your experience indoors and out.

The journey is always difficult, but we believe challenge precedes breakthrough.

We care about our environment and we care about you. We commit to keeping you safe and stylish in your exploration. In the land of So iLL, we see only the potential. Here, ordinary people do extraordinary things. Like you, we will never take the easy way out. Let’s explore together and take hold of what lies ahead.

Daniel Chancellor

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