So iLL was created a decade ago to forge new paths for indoor climbers. We moved the industry out of the dreary, cold warehouse walls and into the sizzle of unchartered terrains.

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March 09, 2015

There are three parts of my daily work that, while different, push toward the same goal. I simultaneously work on future projects, collaborate with our team, and dive into the day-to-day. The trick is juggling all three aspects while having each one of them enhance the other. I want to help our team internally by keeping everyone organized and on the same page. I want all of the office team, reps, and production crew to have a thorough understanding of the company and our values. I'm pretty sure it drives the team crazy that I want to be involved, to some degree, with every aspect of the business. It's not that I don't trust or work well with them. Instead, it's that I want to bring resources to the projects they are working on.