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The New Zero


  • When Jason Kehl FA’d his ultra-modern v13 test piece, “The New Zero,” in Southern Illinois, it marked a new level for Jason and a new benchmark for technical climbing.

    Inspired by this commitment to pushing boundaries, The New Zero was born. A new performance benchmark for So iLL shoes and for your climbing.

    The New Zero boasts the performance of a sensitive slipper with the stability of a strapped shoe. One of the most soft/high performing shoes in our line. The New Zero performs on steep overhanging bouldering as well as the smallest of smears. Designed for advanced and elite climbers, The New Zero allows for full sensitivity to nuanced footholds and technical bouldering demands.

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Sizing • M = U.S. Men’s • W = U.S. Women’s

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
So iLL took care of me

Purchasing 4 shoes for my avid climbing kids was tricky online and there was some major mixups on So iLL's end. That kind of stuff happens, but So iLL proved to be the kind of company to make things right. I now have all 4 kids in So iLL shoes and they're back on the walls. Thanks Michael and So iLL!

Flying Squirrel
Nice shoe

Great design, snug fit.

Cushion-lined helps with breaking in

The first thought when slipping into this pair is "comfort!" Thanks to the cushion-lined inner which helped to ease the break-in process.

For guidance, my street shoe size is US8.5 and I bought The New Zero in US9.0 and Free Range Pro in US8.5.

Surprisingly these 2 pairs fit similarly snug, which I supposed is due to the cushion in The New Zero that shaves off half a size (US0.5) but in a much more comfortable manner! I am tempted to purchase another pair in US8.0 since US8.5 are all sold out by now.

Benjamin E.
Painful at first, but slowly adjusting

I bought these for my girlfriend who is just now getting into climbing, so these would be her first pair. She wears a size 7 in women's casual shoes, so I used the chart and bought her the M7/W8.5 as recommended. Having only ever rented climbing shoes, she initially thought this size was pretty painful even just wearing outside of climbing. Now that she's climbed in them a few times though, she's either gotten used to them or they've worn in a little because she's said they feel much better now.

For the price and the style, we'd rate them a 5/5.

Thanks so ill!

franco covarrubias
Tight Shoe

I ordered these and the free range pros not having a ton of confidence in what size I should get since I couldn't try them on.

Like I mentioned in my free range pro review I'm a 5'5" male that regularly climbs 5.10a-5.12a and v4-v5. My feet are more on the wide side than they are narrow and I'm a street shoe size 8.5. I typically climb in a size 9(us) or 42(UK) shoe (evolv, sportiva, madrock) and decided to order both this shoe and the free range pro in the same size 9. This shoe IS smaller than the free range pros and I believe a 9.5 in these would have been perfect as my experience getting into the shoe was similar to previous ones mentioned. It was a fight to get into it but the shoes do feel fantastic. The soft (synthetic?) upper feels fantastic around the foot and although the rubber does seem a bit thinner than I'm used to, it has significantly more grip and feedback than previous pairs I've owned. The thing that stood out to me most is how locked into the shoe my foot felt, not due to the smaller size, but largely due to the shape. It completely grabbed my heel and felt conformed to my foot, a great fit.

At the price it can't be beat and I'm likely going to order a couple more.


  • So iLL athlete Toshi Takeuchi climbs in the So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
  • So iLL athlete Toshi Takeuchi climbs in the So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
  • So iLL athlete Claire Bukowski climbs in the So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe outer profile
So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe top profile

Perfectly Soft

The synthetic vegan upper fits like a slipper, and the fabric is normally used on the inside of durable work boots in the footwear industry. For a shoe at this level, it is incredibly comfortable. The thread we use for the upper is specially made in the southeast as one of the softest threads in the world, and cannot be felt in the toe box. This shoe is sensitive and every detail matters when performing at a high level.

No Hot Spots

The toe rubber meets the rand by butting up together, with no overlapping. This is incredibly hard to do in production and provides no hot spots.

So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe bottom profile
So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe inner profile

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  • New Zero Climbing Shoe

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