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The New Zero

This shoe is in Men's sizing
  • When Jason Kehl FA’d his ultra-modern v13 test piece, “The New Zero,” in Southern Illinois, it marked a new level for Jason and a new benchmark for technical climbing.

    Inspired by this commitment to pushing boundaries, The New Zero was born. A new performance benchmark for So iLL shoes and for your climbing.

    The New Zero boasts the performance of a sensitive slipper with the stability of a strapped shoe. The softest, highest performing shoe in our line. The New Zero performs on steep overhanging bouldering as well as the smallest of smears. Designed for advanced and elite climbers, The New Zero allows for full sensitivity to nuanced footholds and technical bouldering demands.


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Customer Reviews

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New Zero and Free Range LV review

Ordered the New Zero's and the FR LV as a gift to myself.. After reading the reviews I decided to go with Soill's recommended size. As I'm a 9 street shoe I went with 10.5 for the Zero's and 12 in the FR LV's. The Zero's fit what spot on. My toes are curled in front, but not so much that it hurts my beginner feet (fattish front-slim heel). The heel cup it's just perfect for my foot shape. No slipping, the Dark Matter rubber is awesome. I just wish they had an easier opening as the LV's have. On the other hand, once you have them on they feel like a glove, much more secure feeling than the LV's, but they do need a little more work to get on. I have used them for bouldering and outdoor climbing at least once a week for a month and they seem to be holding up pretty well.

On the LV's I also went with the suggested size, so I ordered size 12 for my 9 street shoe. Beautiful color, Great fit in the front, not so much in the back. Love the easy access, but the shoe leaves some dead space at the bottom of my heel. My toes are curled in front, but the heel seems to slip a little. I figured half a size down from the three sizes up recommended for beginner-intermediate climber should have avoided that, but I failed to notice that the first time I tried them on, and only noticed it the first time I tried them on outside. Because of it I can't send them back. Overall a great shoe, the rubber is too good, but make sure you try them on on at least two sizes to get the right fit.

I'm waiting for you guys to drop a Soill take on a trad shoe. Just remember to avoid Scarpa's mistake of a giant toe box on the maestro. That's part of the reason people continue to cram their feet on TC pros.So remember slim profile toe box so it will fit into cracks, hi-top, dark matter rubber, awesome color/desing. That's the stuff dreams are made of. You can even take the FR/FR LV's road of a wide/slim fit shoe, and proceed to own the trad shoe market. I´ll be waiting...

To big, but still SUPER sticky!

I’m sure if I had sized down half or a full size, these would have been perfect, but even though they where to big, they still excelled in smearing and sticking to practically anything when climbing steep terrain. Only noticeable problem with the big size, not to great when putting lots of pressure on the toe, and the heel popped out a couple times.

Epic Performance

This shoe rips. I ordered them a bit tighter (half size up from street shoe) and It feels like a stiff sock with flexible, yet stiff and sticky rubber. They reassure you of every move. The scored rubber on the top allows your toes to settle in place nicely, which I love. The downward toe promotes proper and precise footwork too. Having said that, the heel feels more relaxed, so you don’t feel like your foot is going to snap in half. Definitely makes me feel like a more technical climber and keeps me confident of my foot placement. With the single strap that can be pulled down more towards the toe, or heel, you have a tight fit that makes the shoe feel a part of you. I can’t say enough good things. Thank you guys very much!

Very comfortable and amazing

These were my husbands first pair of agressive shoes I ended up buying. He wanted to step up his climbing show game since he was progressing in problem difficulty. Not only do they look great, but they are comfy and perform great with bouldering and top roping! Awesome pair of shoes!

Such a good shoe!

This shoe is so great! It is such a good aggressive shoe. The soft rubber makes smearing so easy. The rubber is so sticky that even slight missteps won’t throw you off the wall. The rough walls in climbing gyms don’t chew up the rubber. Heal hooks and toe hooks are so secure. I can’t wait to use these beasts of shoes outdoors. 10/10 would recommend to any climbers.


  • So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
  • So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
  • So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe

Perfectly Soft

The synthetic vegan upper fits like a slipper, and the fabric is normally used on the inside of durable work boots in the footwear industry. For a shoe at this level, it is incredibly comfortable. The thread we use for the upper is specially made in the southeast as one of the softest threads in the world, and cannot be felt in the toe box. This shoe is sensitive and every detail matters when performing at a high level.

No Hot Spots

Dark Matter toe rubber meets the rand by butting up together, with no overlapping. This is incredibly hard to do in production and provides no hot spots.


The New Zero is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, part of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. It's the stickiest rubber you will experience.

  • New Zero Climbing Shoe

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