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The Stack Up – Crash Pad Review

Crash pads are, essentially, all of the same stuff, right? Then why are they so different?

Here, we’ll compare our favorite three pads to give you and idea of how yours stacks up!




The SoiLL crash pad is cush.. In spirit and in usability. This pad carries very comfortably, with heavily padded shoulder straps, and a padded waist strap, you might even forget it’s there. Usually light couples with a short life, but so far SoiLL has so far exceeded our expectations in that regard.



2 years of HARD work and its still as bouncy and in one piece as the day we unpacked it. The SoiLL folds taco style, and seems pricey until you factor in that it comes standard with it’s very own gap pad(a tool every boulderer should have) that secures directly to the main pad itself. Closure flaps maintain that your gear is kept with you while scrambling through your approach.


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Training Tip #2

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Training Tip
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Asana of the Month - August '18


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