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Free Range Pro
Carter C
Solid Shoe

Simple and durable. They work well on everything in the gym and fit well. Trust the sizing guide when it tells you to size up.


This stuff has been a game changer on slopers. It was so surprising when I tested it on my hangboard I had all of my kids come and try it too.

Unity Purple is My Favorite

I absolutely love this color and the organic cotton t-shirt! During the summer, the humidity and triple digits make our weather unbearable. So this t-shirt is so light and breathable, and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, my new puppy found it and tore it to shreds, I am so mad!!! I will buy this color again!!

Lavender Tshirt Love

I absolutely love this color and the organic cotton t-shirt! During the summer, the humidity and triple digits make our weather unbearable. So this t-shirt is so light and breathable, and I absolutely love it. I will buy more!!

Well made

The hat is well made, good fit, and warm. Can’t wait to rock this thing all winter long.

Every climber needs this

These things smell great and keeps my shoes smelling great. I’ve recommended them to so many people I can’t keep track. Between these and a little shoe spray, my shoes actually smell good when otherwise they would be clearing the room like everyone else’s.

Can’t beat it

A great looking mug for at home or on the go.

Great warm up

I love warming up with these or getting a nice little workout on off days. Excellent way to improve climbing even when you’re watching tv. The blue is the easiest, sea foam in the middle, pink is most challenging.

Most Comfortable Jeans

My husband loves these jeans so much he has gotten rid of his other jeans and now wears these exclusively. He loves them for climbing as they are very stretchy and also for everyday comfort.

Great Shirt

I'm 6'4", 175 lbs and the large is a great fit. super comfy and where it all the time.

Do Roids.

I set this beauty in the middle of my 15° wall to encourage hand matches and slaps on each climb. It's fun and makes me work a bit at this angle. On the 45° it's brutal.

I lub my bub.

This is a large, matcheable sloper with a finer texture than the first iteration. Tension up before slapping this one! I've had it on my 45° wall and it works well with good feet (I'm a V6 boulderer). It's also fun on a campus board set up.

I lubby my bubbies.

These slopers are just large enough that they have a sloper feel, much like those at my home crag. I mean, I'm not pinching as much on these, but really applying pressure from the top of the fingers. Right now I'm using them for a slopey campus run on a 15° board.

Dirty Pink Wino
Francis Gries
I dig ‘em

I’ve been wearing these a week now. I’m a lifelong skate shoe wearer. The upper is much softer than a skate shoe; particularly in the heel cup, so don’t think of them like that. That said, as an everyday walker they seem to have a nice durable bottom with a squishy midsole somewhat akin to a regular plush running shoe. The foot-feel is one of the more unique shoes I have worn and I think that’s a lot of fun. Looks like a skate shoe—not a skate shoe. Great look with a soft squishy ride for everyday walking. I will order another pair whenever these wear out.

So stoked on these kicks! they are light and flexible. they don't have a lot of cushion, but are still very comfy for all day wear. I love the elastic on the tongue so you can slip them on and off and don't need to tie the laces. The color and polka dots make this shoe!

Dirty Pink's

These are some of the most comfortable flip flops that I have ever owned. I have worn them everyday for the past 3 months and they are holding up well! Best part is that the thong doesn't rub between your toes and make it hurt like many other toe thongs do after walking long distances. Jason Momoa is a great human and I love the work that he is doing to better this planet; An entrepreneur worthy of our support. Think I will grab a few pairs for gifts and another pair for myself this holiday!

My Favorite Holds on my Home Wall

These holds are extremely useful on any angle, and are great holds to make blockers as well! the shapes are really fun and the edges are comfortable. one of SO ILL's finest works.

The New Zero Pro
Christopher Cook
2nd pair of so ill

Amazing how aggressive a fit with such comfort. Made with quality materials built to last. Great shoes!

Crash Pads
Kim Wang

It's so cute, the perfect color and high quality. I was worried it would take a while to ship but it shipped out pretty much immediately. Thank you so much!

Tension Grindstone MK2
Andrew Andress
Grindstone MK2

This hangboard is perfect for my homewall. It has every edge I need, and I like that the top jugs are super comfy for pull ups.

Love it!

This shirt is sooo comfy!! I absolutely love it.

love it

So soft, big enough to lay on at the beach, dries fast, love the subtle patterning and double-sided color

So nice!

The fit great and look better! Must recommend

Great Hangboard

I was looking for a hangboard so I could train on pinches and slopers- and this is it.

Love the look and feel of the beech wood. It's smooth, and ads some difficulty, but saves my skin.

I was a little concerned about a small crack behind one of the pinches, but after getting it mounted it seems solid.

Overall, stoked this is the hangboard I bought.

Super Cool

Absolutely love these sneakers! Totally super cute & to my surprise they are comfy, wish is a major plus! Thanks for offering a discount. Z