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Great product

I bought a t-shirt and the quickdry towel. Very good quality. Happy customer!!

Roam Soft
Christoph Bär
Roam soft

Very great small Slipper.

Very nice shirt

Very nice Shirt, Perfect size

Dirty Pink Polka Dot Roamer

I received the order very quickly. I love the packaging. Pink is my favorite color; they are absolutely adorable! Love them!

Love the color

I take it everywhere .!
And know I am getting my water intake .And I feel good for helping the people of Maui .


Love this non plastic product 🥰


Love this huge soft towel 🥰


Love this Shark Toothed T-shirt ♥️
So cool 🥰

Unity Purple Roamer
Leighann Miller
In Love!

I love my shoes. Had been looking for a purple shoe and found exactly what I wanted at So iLL. Extremely comfortable and love the cork sole. They even look great on the faux foot. Lol. Definitely recommend.

Gilda Osmond
Best socks

I love these socks...they are so comfortable and durable.

Amazingly soft and comfortable!

Stocking hats

Bought these for adult kids ages 27-30. They liked them! Good colors. Purchased green and rust.

Super Dry Chalk

I know chalk is dry, but this chalk is on another level of dry, Upon first feel it feels like 0% moisture content. Soaks into my sweaty ass hands nice and dries things up to make for a more confident grip. For people with super dry hands, I dunno? Try it once to formulate your own opinion.

My final opinion. Its a nice additive to my giant bag of endo chalk. My thought is if the main chalk is sitting in my bag for a while it gathers moisture from the air and my hands. Adding this moves the moister meter closer to dry.

It works

Follow the directions and this stuff is a must have for sweaty handed folks. I don't know about dry handed folks so I can't say anything on that.

This plus endo chalk has been in my opinion the best combo. My grip is through the the roof with this combo. I don't buy into anything unless it truly works for me and this has been a regular purchase in my climbing journey.

Is it cheating? I don't think so. At the end of the day all this stuff is just different variations of chalk. Let loose and use all available tools. Climbing is not a regulated competition, it's a way to get your body moving and hopefully appreciate the outdoors.

Patrick M.

Fit like a glove right out of the box, these shoes look and feel amazing.
First day using them and I’m stoked for the climbs to come.

So excited

These holds are high quality and I am so excited to install them in my home climbing gym!


Great intermediate and training shoe! I really like how these are a little softer than my other shoes. Great for boulder training my feet on small foot holds and comfortable enough to wear all day. Love the look of the two tone as well.


Best socks on earth that I've ever worn. Don't waste any more time, buy a pair you'll be happy about it.

Hien Nguyen

They are so comfortable and feel broken in after wearing it only once. Performed so well and traction allowed for little slippage. The sleek look has gotten a lot of compliments and I love the deep green color. 100% recommend for any intermediate climber!

So Ill is simply AMAZING!

A couple of years ago, I had purchased a pair of the Lavendar Roamers and was beyond happy with the purchase. Not only were they Environmentally friendly, but they were comfortable and so unique. I knew I was now a happy returning customer. More recently, I purchased this hoodie, in black, size Small. It has become my FAVORITE hoodie I own (and I own quite a few hoodies lol). The material is soft and comfortable, yet durable, the design is perfectly contrasted with the softer material, and the fit is oversized (my favorite!). I am looking forward to my next So Ill addition to my closet!

Awesome Shirt!

Love a purchase with purpose! This shirt is so soft, love the color & my husband loves the comfort!


Bought these for my husband, they are a new favorite! He actually refuses to wear any of his other boxers now! Love the color too!

Husbands Fav ❤️

My husband says that these boxers have spoiled him! He loves them and says that they are like wearing nothing at all, while actually wearing boxers!

I love this product fabric is soft and breathable and nice for going out or even climbing