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Tokyo Powder

We searched several years for the best chalk in the world, and we found it.  The best food grade magnesium carbonate comes straight from Japan, enter Tokyo Powder. Mixing BOOST Friction Foundation and Tokyo Black together yields the best grip on the market. Tokyo Powder is the first product we've ever imported and distributed.  Yes, it's that good. 

• The Grippiest Chalk Ever

• Boost Technology

• Rosin Free

• So iLL Distribution

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Best chalk ever!

Tokyo Powder is the best I have tried. It is pure, soft powder. It's not grainy like some chalk you can buy. Besides the fact that I got a better hold, the best part is that it actually sticks to your hands. When you chalk your hands, the powder doesn't fall to the ground and make a mess. Highly recommend!

TOKYO POWDER with Boost technology

We scoured the planet looking for the best chalk available. We found it. Welcome Tokyo Powder, with Boost technology. It's unlike anything you've ever felt.

  • Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
  • Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

Boost Friction Foundation

Unlike anything you've ever felt, BOOST Friction Foundation, takes things to a whole new level in 3 easy steps. 1. Crush a pebble of BOOST into your hands. 2. Cover your hands in Tokyo Black before your BOOST dries. 3. Send.

So iLL Distribution

We are always striving to enhance climbing. When we found the worlds best chalk, we immediately knew we had to bring it to the states. Out of that need, So iLL Distribution was born.

  • Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
  • Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

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