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Velvet Scrunchies
Vivian Gonzalez
Love my scrunchies

I love them, a black and a pink one. The material is great and the tie itself holds up my hair perfectly!!! Great quality!!


Awesome/massive hold!

Men's Boxer Brief
Ryan Powers
Great underwear!

These boxer briefs are amazing. So comfortable when climbing or wearing during everyday life.

Ned and Shauna wannabes

My wife and I love Ned and Shauna’s boards and wanted to get some of the ones that are commercially available. Thought it was going to be pretty juggy, since they use them as big holds on 50° boards. They are very strong. It is an amazing hold, but I wouldn’t try cutting feet on it even at 30°. Very stoked on this gorgeously carved rail.

Smooth Super 3
John Clark
World Cup Woodie

First big hold on my 30° comp themed garage wall. Adds the possibility for sloper problems, pinching, toe hook, heels, kneebars, etc. The neon pink really pops off the black board too. Hoping to eventually have a TC/BPump style spray wall and this is the first piece.

Men's Boxer Brief
ryan Sullivan

I find comfortable

Hemp Wino
Mo dost
Amazing as usual

These are the fifth or sixth pair of shoes I’ve bought from Soill. Super comfortable. True to size. I’m on my feet 8-10 hours a day and any of the winos are my go to. Highly recommended

Hemp Wino
Mo dost
Amazing as usual

My fifth or sixth pair of shoes from Soill. Amazing. Super comfortable. I’m on my feet 8-10 hours a day and I’ll always wear my winos. Got all colors. Highly recommended. And true to size

Hemp Wino
Brian Baer

Quality material and good fit. True to size. We’ll see how it will hold up the my tough use.

Menehune Beanie
Evelyn Rodriguez

Awesome knitted Hat! So Hipster💋 Will get all colors! Happy🤩

Yaya Lavender Kanaka
Casey Glidewell
Ya ya lavender flip flops

Got them of course to match the tee. They look great together. And spot on sizing. Love them.

Nakoa Tee - Yaya Lavender
Casey Glidewell
Ya ya lavender tee

Super soft feels good on the skin. Sizing is spot on. I love it

Quality Product

The material is of the highest quality and I’m so happy that I decided to buy it. Satisfied customer reporting.

Baby Supreme
Seve Cuellar
Amazing product!

Got supreme baby for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it. Fast shipping time and excellent quality material!

Free Range Pro
Emmanuel Hagedorn

Probably my newest favorite pair. Absolutely love them.

Tension The Block
Manuel Tupas

Why climbers call these "no hangs" is beyond me. You're basically doing one handed deadlifts. Anyway great stuff deep pocket and solid construction. Awesome sauce~

Velvet Scrunchies
Juan Forero

Beat scrunchies out there!! Must have!! Love the print design, feel and how smooth and gentle they are on my hair!!

Smooth Super 7
Samuel Cloutier
Awesome jugs!!

Awesome holds , sick colour, quick turnaround, perfect for beginner problems, dynos, roof problems!!! Sweet

Love this Tee from So iLL x On The Roam featuring Jason Momoa's Niho Mano Tattoo!

The Black Wolf Nakoa Tee is the perfect addition to any wardrobe! The soft, lightweight, and breathable poly/cotton blend material makes it comfortable to wear all day long. The callouts to Jason Momoa's triangular patterned tattoo (Niho Mano) on both the front and back of the tee adds a unique touch of style that I absolutely love. The soft water-based ink print is durable and the tee has a unisex sizing that makes it perfect for everyone. The So iLL x On The Roam Sew Tag on the sleeve adds a nice finishing touch to this already amazing tee. The fact that it ships plastic-free just adds to the list of reasons why I highly recommend this tee to anyone looking for something stylish and comfortable to wear.

Great variety

Super fun and exciting to buy mystery boxes. My “seconds” were 100% usable with no issues.

Baby Supreme
KC Mccallum
Slap the baby

An absolute must for any home wall.

Eco Camo Wino
Sandra B Perry
Eco Camo Wino

LOVE these shoes! They were comfortable from the first time I put them on! They are my favorite colors also. They were shipped quickly and I was thrilled when I opened the door and there was the box! Thinking now on a pair of purple Drifters...we'll see... 😉 I get lots of compliments on them, then have to explain about So ill as I am a Delaware resident! Love doing that too!

Men's Boxer Brief
Nicole Monahan

My husband absolutely loves these briefs!! Most comfortable underwear he has ever worn. So I got him more.

Perfect tee

Along with some very cool shoes I also purchased this tee-shirt for my wife for her birthday and she loves it. Customer service confirmed the correct sizing (I needed help as we live in Japan). Great service and products. I’ll be shopping here again:)