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Very nice fabric and texture. Well made.

Love it!!

Love it!!!

Love them!!

The fit is incredible. The material is unlike any climbing shoe I've tried, given I've only been around the $100 range. Going to purchase my next pair thru so ill! Size fit was true to my street shoe. My toes fit snuggly in the toe box without much dead space. Fantastic work!

I’m totally in love with this hoodie!!

Well made, not stretchy. Holds tight.

fit well. comfortable so far, I don't do a lot of walking in a day but they feel good. pretty light.

Like it you can chug whatever is in there I prefer water…

Very soft love it. Little pricey but worth it.

Extremely well made!

Received today and really love.

Received today really live them.

The shoes are made of really nice material. The texture on the shoes is a nice feature.

Very comfortable I love them and true to size

Great Shoe - Even greater Service

Drifters fitting as drifters should. The shoe is perfect for short hikes and everyday adventures - robust while always staying comfortable and stylish.

Only thing better than the shoes is the service - thanks again H. for clearing up an error of mine and making sure the perfect size makes it to Germany!

Very soft and comfortable!! I love it.

Great quality, perfect for longer hair / bigger head. You can wear it full length or roll it up for a tighter snug fit. Color is awesome. All around 5/5 ⭐️

Eco Camo Wino
Christine Starrett
love them

these are extremely comfortable.


i absolutely love these boots

Eco Camo Wino

I love them! ❤️


I love the beenie !!! So soft the perfect worth it to order !!! 🩷🩷🩷🩷 LOVE IT

I am happy

the glasses are perfect, thank you very much

Boot Bananas
Leilju Aišlinn
Every shoe needs these :)

The clever style alone is genius :)
A must for every climber, runner & athlete !!
Conversation starters when viewed by airport TSA Agents :)
Thank you for making these whimsical & necessary items for everyone wearing shoes etc…