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Beastmaker 2000

  • The Beastmaker 2000 is not a hangboard for beginners, it has been designed with the input of some of the best climbers the UK has to offer. The result is a hangboard which tests the limits of finger strength and will help you towards your high grade goals. The beastmaker 2000 comprises of many holds which will let you specifically target your weaknesses and get stronger, comfortably, in all of the grip types. Every hold on the board has been well thought out and radiused in order to keep the chances of tweaking to a minimum and the wooden texture wont ruin your skin whilst being grippy enough not to be frustrating.

    Wood is far superior to resin in terms of its natural properties of grip, porosity and texture, Wood is far and away the best training material currently available for finger strength, and the good news is it grows on trees!

    • The Beastmaker 2000 comes complete with 6 screws for installation (1X70mm 5X50mm).

    • Dimensions: 58cm length (X) 15cm width (Y) 5.8cm depth (Z)

    beastmaker iPhone app link


  • • 45 Degree Slopers

    • 35 Degree Slopers

    • 20 Degree Slopers

    • Medium 3 Finger Pocket

    • Smaller 3 Finger Pocket

    • Mouth Jug

    • Big, Little & Incut Rungs

    • Back 2 Pockets

    • Big, Little & Sloping 2 Finger Pockets

    • Sloping and 1 Pad Monos


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This hangboard has definitely helped me strengthen my fingers. I use it about 4 hours before I go climbing to get a separate finger specific training in. It has a bunch of different hold options that I'm really excited about using including the slopers and mono pockets. I put it on some thick plywood with hangers on the back so I can hang it off of pull up bars to use it.


Using this 4 hours apart from my climbing really has helped strengthen my fingers. It gives me a ton of different hangs to work with including monos.

Fast service

Just what i ordered.
What else can i say.
Two thumbs up.
Nice to be dealing with a US company. Keep it up.


It gets the job done and some.

Best hangboard out there!

Quality and construction is top notch, every hold feels great, and the guys over at Soill we’re really great with shipping crazy fast shipping and also included a few stickers as well so that was a great bonus and a nice touch to s great product the shipping is what really stood out ordered it and shipped out I believe either same day or the very next morning and only took a day or two to arrive definitely recommend ordering anything from the guys at Soill!


  • So iLL distribution Beastmaker 2000 wooden climb training board close up of left side
  • So iLL distribution Beastmaker 2000 wooden climb training board full image of board
  • So iLL distribution Beastmaker 2000 wooden climb training board close up of right side

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