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Tokyo Powder - Pure

Tokyo Powder continues to be the most high friction chalk and best food grade magnesium carbonate we have EVER discovered. We enjoy it so much that we wanted to make more Tokyo Powder products available to you.

Tokyo Powder Pure is a high friction, super fine, PREMIUM chalk. It has the highest purity rating of magnesium carbonate and, when paired with BOOST, delivers a friction so high it almost feels like cheating.

  • Highest purity rating (magnesium carbonate)
  • High friction, super fine/premium chalk
  • Long lasting, especially when paired with Boost, therefore, fewer applications needed
  • Works well for everyday use in the gym or outdoors
  • Rosin Free
  • Imported Via So iLL Distribution

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Customer Reviews

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Dude. This chalk is THE chalk.

I believe it's made partially from asteroids and rainbows because I get all this out-of-this-world strength when I use it. Really though, its super fine, smells GREAT, and works like a charm. This chalk + the Street shoes = a proper session full of sends.

TOKYO POWDER with Boost technology

We scoured the planet looking for the best chalk available. We found it. Welcome Tokyo Powder, with Boost technology. It's unlike anything you've ever felt.

  • hands going into a bag of So iLL Tokyo Powder pure
  • So iLL Tokyo Powder pure and Boost Chalk pictured on a crash pad
Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

Boost Friction Foundation

Unlike anything you've ever felt, BOOST Friction Foundation, takes things to a whole new level in 3 easy steps. 1. Crush a pebble of BOOST into your hands. 2. Cover your hands in Tokyo Black before your BOOST dries. 3. Send.

So iLL Distribution

We are always striving to enhance climbing. When we found the worlds best chalk, we immediately knew we had to bring it to the states. Out of that need, So iLL Distribution was born.

So iLL distribution logo for Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
  • So iLL Tokyo Powder pure and So iLL chalk brushes on a crash pad

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