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Limited Time - 20lbs of Holds for the price of 10

Mystery Box - Seconds

  • Need holds now, but not sure what to choose? The Mystery Box- Seconds holds could be for you. We're pulling ≈10lbs of So iLL shapes and shipping them your way. The sizes and shapes contained within are a Mystery.

    Mystery Boxes now ship every Friday!

    Bolts are not included. Each box weighs approximately 10 pounds. Due to the deep discount and used nature of these holds, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Josh Beckett
I would agree, addicting.

These are perfect for home walls, It gives you just enough to build some great routes. I also bought some 2nds from tension climbing and I like these So iLL more. It is so fun opening the box and seeing what surprise is revealed. I have bought 2 boxes thus far, probably getting a 3rd soon.

What a mix

It has taken a while to get back to this post. The mystery box second is an awesome deal I received 22 holds and only had to finish drilling one. The variety was pretty sweet Four different families included. Great deal

Nick Hartman

This is my 3rd or 4th mystery box and being about to get the "seconds" is even better. I love the variety and it has added a lot of spice to my walls. Some of the holds have been ones I would never have ordered on their own (the small pipes) but now they are some of my favorites. I plan on buying another 3 or 4 mystery boxes this year, it is just addicting to get a big box of holds in the mail and no idea what they are! Love it, thanks So iLL!

Marlee Ulmer

This company really cares and shows it. Really great quality holds

Pete Nelson
What he said

My 3rd box. It is hard to stop once you've started. Great holds. Another solid variety with a couple bigger holds. Probably not my last box.

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