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Limited Time - 20lbs of Holds for the price of 10

Mystery Box - Seconds

  • Need holds now, but not sure what to choose? The Mystery Box- Seconds holds could be for you. We're pulling ≈10lbs of So iLL shapes and shipping them your way. The sizes and shapes contained within are a Mystery.

    Bolts are not included. Each box weighs approximately 10 pounds. Due to the deep discount and used nature of these holds, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Maggie S.
Excellent Addition to Home wall

Mystery box was a great value for filling in holds on a home wall. All of the holds were ready to use; variety was cool and swirly colors are fun on the eyes. Got slopers, pinches, pockets, a big geometric hold, and some moderate jugs. Great texture and I'll be doing this box again in the future.

Jacob Florence
Great Deal

Just what was advertised, a random selection of holds. Definitely some I wouldn't have bought for myself but am glad I have! All the holds I got were in ready to use condition with no finishing needed.

Nicklaus Morand
Great holds

I was very pleased with the variety of holds in the box. I even got a jumbo jug. So far the holds haven't needed to be cleaned up.


The mystery box delivered! The holds are of various sizes, styles, and colors all in good condition.

Kevin Nichols
No Better Way to Get Quality Holds at a Great Price!

The Mystery Box seemed like too good of an offer to turn down. But would the holds be any good? The kids and I were so excited to open the big box once it arrived. While I was hoping for a really random hold, I'm definitely happy with what arrived. We are working on a climbing wall in our garage and what we received is perfect for starting. The holds have good texture and some can be rotated to be either slopers or jugs. I think the color variations are something that make the mystery box extra special. Why wouldn't you want wild colors like these on your home wall?

And, yes, Goose approves!

I'm definitely going to buy another box once our wall is finished.

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