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Eco Camo Wino


  • Designed to take you anywhere you roam, Jason Momoa’s signature eco camo lifestyle shoe features a lightweight, canvas-like camo print upper material made with 20% recycled plastic, water resistant coating, neoprene sleeve for comfort, a 30% BLOOM resin insole (an alternative to synthetic and petrochemical EVA foams), and a rubber outsole.
    • 20% Recycled Plastic Upper / 80% Polyester
    • Neoprene Sleeve
    • Rubber Outsole
    • Insole composed of a top layer of canvas and lower layer of 30% BLOOM resin
    • TAKEHOLD pull tab
    • Vegan
  • On The Roam shoes use unisex sizing.

Sizing • M = U.S. Men's • W = U.S. Women's. Order true to size. Because of the very limited production, we are not able to offer returns. Exchanges are possible, but may have a wait time. 

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I understand that this item(s) is final sale and may not be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

Love these shoes...terrific quality fabric i was so amazed when i felt them...they look so sporty on...i love weRing them with tight jeans, cargo pants, chinos and shorts

Diana Seifarth

I love your shoes. I like the comfort and colors, but most of all the thinking that went on in the construction of these shoes!


I already bought the pink one, so I know it will fit great. I love it. The shoes is breathable, I don’t remember having sweaty feet. It’s very comfortable.

Sandra B Perry
Eco Camo Wino

LOVE these shoes! They were comfortable from the first time I put them on! They are my favorite colors also. They were shipped quickly and I was thrilled when I opened the door and there was the box! Thinking now on a pair of purple Drifters...we'll see... 😉 I get lots of compliments on them, then have to explain about So ill as I am a Delaware resident! Love doing that too!

Alina G.
Give a girl the right shoes and she will Take Hold of the world

Been curious about So iLL x Roam products for a while, but living pretty far away (Romania) I always hesitated in the end, for fear they would get lost on the way or that shipping fees would be astronomical. But a little more than a month ago I saw them on sale and decided to take my chances, because I MUST KNOW how they feel and how they walk.
The only other shoes I ever got from the U.S.A. were a pair of Timberlands womens white ledge mid waterproof hiking boots and I wore them relentlessly every fall and winter and on any summer hike or trek, for more than 10 years. I did not know what to expect of this wino shoe. I liked the colours. I liked and was extra curious about the BLOOM technology. I guessed it would at least be a nice light shoe to schlep around town in during the summer, a light travel shoe for the odd flight or drive, etc.
Cities are pretty walkable in Europe and I am a heavy duty walker, even by European standards 🤠 since the first pair of winos arrived a few weeks ago, I walked a bit more than 100km (60 miles, give or take) in them, some days about 20km (13 miles-ish) in one outing. Although some wear is already showing on the sole, it does not feel like anything to worry about any time soon.
I really hope I am not tempting Murphy's Law and tooting their horn barely a month in, but I must say that I love them 💖
They are indeed a light shoe, but they are a hhhhardcore light shoe (and therein lies the Momoa 😂)
While I don't realistically see myself walking to the ends of the Earth in them, we will certainly be travelling a lot together, so I went ahead and ordered myself a second pair of Camo, and I got a pair of Pounamu Green winos for my mom 💚👌🏻
Both were true to size, light on the feet, comfortably wide, and pretty easy to put on and take off (even for my mom, whose dexterity was a bit affected by a stroke she suffered a few years back, and also has the occasional bout of arthritis affecting her hands). Easy to clean, as I had already seen in some previously submitted reviews. I usually keep my footwear quite clean inside and out, I can't bare to see even dry summer dust build up in the nooks and crannies of a shoe, but I must say the camo wino is a shoe that looks good dusted up! After one dog walk that got a little muddier than anticipated, I did have to give them a pretty thorough rinse (luke warm water, gentle spray shower head) and they took longer than I thought they would to dry. (That was the moment I realised I'll need a spare pair 😂) Also took a drive in them and found the rubber sole feels very secure on the pedals, which was an extra delightful benefit.
Not sure how the cost feels for people over there, because by standards over here it was a bit of a splurge, but I am so SO happy I did!
Right now it is only springtime and we are looking at another punishingly hot summer ahead, but I am confident that these winos will be a very comfortable wear even through hellish temperatures, with the right socks.
The only outstanding question I have, that I have not found any detailed answers to online, is: how do I care for them properly so that they live the long life they deserve?
In closing, I'd like to extend a wholehearted thank you from far far away to everyone who worked on these great shoes, they feel downright empowering while looking hella pretty!

so ill x jason momoa on the roam eco camo bag shown with plastic bottles

Thoughtful Composition

The Eco Camo Wino upper is composed of a canvas-like material made from 20% recycled plastic and 80% polyester, a water resistant coating, and a rubber outsole.

Soulful Insoles?

The Eco Camo Wino contains an insole made from 30% BLOOM resin (an alternative to synthetic and petrochemical EVA foams).
BLOOM technology removes algal blooms to reduce water pollution, create sustainable materials, generate clean water, and maintain healthy ecosystems.

so ill x jason momoa on the roam eco camo bag shown with plastic bottles
  • So iLL x On The Roam eco camo shoes are being tried on in an outdoor setting
  • So iLL x On The Roam eco camo shoes are shown with a grey background
  • So iLL x On The Roam eco camo shoes are worn along with a green jumpsuit
  • So iLL x On The Roam eco camo shoes are shown on a camoflouge background

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