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Bubbies Large 5

  • A full-hand Bubbies set featuring a mix of round slopey knobs with wide sloper blobs spilling out from the wall. Each hold is unique with interesting slopey thumb catches and wide pinches.
  • Hold Count: 5
    Size: Overgrown
    Style: Slopers
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Shaper: Jason Kehl
    Weight: 9.60 lbs

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View Full Size Hold Color Options
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Hardware IS included.

I have read the holds lead time note. (directly above)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John G

Good on a 40 degree angle. Some are quite positive while others are sloping


I love home comfortable, yet challenging these holds can be. I am always finding new ways to set with them on my 30 degree home wall.

Samuel Kallis
Fantastic Period.

Loved climbing these at my local gym, so decided to purchased them for my home wall. Love setting hard balance oriented problems with them, and could not recommend more for an intermediate to advanced climber.

Juggy Bubbies

Really fun holds, this set is great! Nice positive feel on overhanging walls, can make really fun compression routes, or big moves with them. Great addition to my home wall!

Jeremiah Migas
Bubbies, Bubbers and a Big Bubbie

Built a home climbing wall over a 3 month period early this year and needed some holds. After hours of research, landed on So iLL given the huge selection, good color options and high quality images to aid in the decision making process. In our first order we snagged a starter kit, innies - small and diagnosis (all in so ill green). They were great to get the wall going and functional, but the selection my wife and I made from the bubbies family took our wall to the next level. After much deliberation we picked the bubbies, bubbers and a big bubbie (all in pink). These holds are so dynamic, in that you can turn rotate most of them from an almost jug like feel all the way around to a difficult sloper. This allows you to leave a route in place and slowly change its difficulty level as your skill evolves. And I’m not a leave a review kind of guy but felt compelled to share my thoughts on this particular set of holds. I’ll copy and paste this review across the bubbie holds we selected although I’m sure the other holds in bubbie family are just as sweet. We’ve also got some blue holds from the flow family on order that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

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