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Black Wolf Cutlery Set


  • Designed for those who dine on the roam, the So iLL x On The Roam Black Wolf Cutlery Set includes a matte black titanium fork, spork (yeah, we did that), spoon, knife, and a small carabiner to help you keep them all in one place. 

  • • 4 Piece Matte Black Titanium Cutlery Set with Carabiner

    • Reusable

    • Dishwasher Safe

    • Engraved Triangular Tattoo Pattern

    • Ships Plastic Free


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Titanium SPORK Action.

The first thing you'll notice about these is that the are super tin and light. The On The Roam branding looks great. I keep them together with the carabiner that is included with them. I don't like them clanging around, so I wrap them in my On The Roam bandana and keep one set in my Dirtbag and the other set in the glove box of my van. The titanium spork is definitely the envy of all at eating time on adventures.

Kristin Reneé
Sooooo good!!!

Guys, are you kidding me? Holy guacamole. When I opened up the beautiful packaging (paper, not plastic BTW) and had my first touch of the utensils I was pleasantly surprised. Oh my goodness, they are STURDY. These things are going to last many years of camping and backpacking. I have a trip coming up and you can bet your bottom dollar I will have these beauties hanging from my pack, clanking away (you know, for bears). Ooooh they look good. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. The details are perfection. Get em!

Christian Chavera
Great Cutlery Set

Great cutlery! However, mine did not come with a carabiner to hold them all together; just a heads up to any potential buyers.

Frann Stempek I love the silverware set! They are great to use and easy to clean up.
Great product

I loved both my clippers and silverware set they are both very convenient and useful.

Dillon Chang
Quality and Environmentally Friendly

I always keep reusable utensils with me to curb my carbon footprint. As a filmmaker, I am always on traveling for work. I couldn't find a set that I thoroughly enjoyed and held up to the abuse and consistent use on the road until this set. The titanium is high quality and very sturdy for all the use. I'm native Hawaiian so the niho mano pattern means a lot to me. Also, the inclusion of the spork is top notch!

  • So iLL x ON The ROam in an aluminum coffee cup
  • so ill x on the roam cutlery set shown on climbing rock with a plate
  • So iLL x On The Roam cutlery shown on a crash pad Distribution brush 2.0 is shown on a climbing mat with climbing chalk
  • So iLL x On The Roam cutlery shown on a crash pad Distribution brush 2.0 is shown on a climbing mat with climbing chalk

Titanium • Matte Black + Dishwasher Safe + Reusable.

Laser etched handles featuring Jason's triangular tattoo pattern.

Debossed On The Roam insignia adorns each handle.

Precision cut serrated titanium set this knife apart.

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