Wood Blister - Japan

Train in style and comfort with the wood version of the Big Blister. For this board, we not only changed the material; we doubled the size of the original Blister Board. There is plenty here to keep your fingers tingling.

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Difficulty: Easy
Shaper: Matt Bliss
2 Three-Pad, Rounded Jugs
3 and 4 Finger Edges
2 Different Size Edges for Matching
2 and 3 Finger Pockets
2 Jug Pinches
24 in x 10 in x 2.5 in
High Quality Beech Wood
Hardware Included

*Indoor Use Only

Our wood boards have three distinct qualities: unique designs, beautiful materials, and precise construction.

Unique Designs

In order to achieve the ultimate mix of form and function, we enlist the best shapers from around the world to design our products. All of our wood boards were either designed or refined in Switzerland.

Beautiful Materials

Each board is constructed from high-quality beech wood. This material is hard enough to endure the toughest of training sessions, yet soft enough to be molded into a gorgeous product.

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