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TOMS - Grey Violet Street

This shoe is in Men's sizing
These shoes will ship after the Indiegogo orders have been fulfilled. (Approximately 3 weeks)
  • The TOMS Collaboration Street is designed with synthetic materials for minimal stretch and a thin midsole, for a softer, more sensitive fit, the TOMS Collaboration Street is an extremely lightweight, aggressive climbing shoe.  If you know your original So iLL "Street" climbing shoe size (in the original black colorway), select the same size in this model.  If not, please see the sizing tab above.

Questions? Check the FAQ.

*The 1Climb Indiegogo campaign is over so the purchase of this product no longer benefits 1Climb. If you’d like to financially support 1Climb, please choose the option at checkout.

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I have referenced and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing fit and grip

These climbing shoes have gotten me so many compliments already and asthetics aside, I feel as if I stick to the wall.

My climbing has improved 10 fold, the dark matter rubber has made me feel like every step I take, I won't slip off no matter how small the hold.

An outstanding product made with an even better mission.

Sticky, pointy little puppies

So these are my first climbing shoes with an aggressive toe. Love them!!!! They grip really nice and have improved my foot holds a ton. Not only that but pretty comfortable and look good. Soooooo you should buy some. I went back and forth on this page like a dozen times wondering if it’s worth it, should I buy them. Don’t do that. Don’t make 12 trips. Just get them now

Looks even better in person

Got these in the mail a little over a week ago. They shipped out faster than they had stated on their website. The shoes look amazing and are extremely comfortable. I’ve only put them on at home but haven’t had the chance to climb in them yet since I fractured my knee before they arrived. But if they perform anything like the New Zeros I have. They’ll be great for the gym. My new zeros will be my outdoor and project shoes.


The quality of the shoe and fit is spot on! The material is soft and comfortable. I immediately took out them on and climbed my home wall and the dark matter rubber isn’t hype. I’m heavily considering ordering another set as a back up before they are gone!
I ordered these shoes three days ago and definitely wasn’t expecting them today considering the approximate ship date was 3 weeks.
Soill continues to surprise me and every product is worth the wait!

Fantastic, almost perfect

I always think context is helpful for reviews of performance gear. I’m 39, male, been climbing for 23 years, sport climbing focused primarily at steep outdoor crags, at low 5.13 level.

I waited to try these shoes a few times inside and outside before writing this review.

Aesthetics are what they are - personally I love them, but that’s neither here nor there. I do prefer this specific color scheme relative to the standard all teal version of this shoe.

Performance has been great. They are aggressive, but firm. The amount of downturn in the toe is just what I was looking for. Importantly, the heel cup fits very nicely for steep climbing. Velcro shoes can sometimes weirdly compress the tongue, but they really got that right with this shoe.

My criticisms are few and marginal. The toe box felt just a touch roomy for my taste and it feels to me like there is a hair of extra material in the shoe (a touch bulky for what is an aggressive performance shoe).

I highly recommend this shoe if you’re into the same stuff as me. This is my new go-to shoe for hard overhanging sport climbing. Well done, So Ill! You nailed this one in both form and function.


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