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The New Zero Pro


  • Brace yourself for the New Zero Pro. We’ve completely removed the midsole from the original New Zero and split the outsole to increase aggression. Increased rubber coverage on the toe box and a redesigned heel make for a better fit, ensuring you’ll be set for every project that involves smearing and steep terrain.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Chris Barrera
Nice shoes for over hangs

These shoes has a lot of rubber in the heal and toe. The rubber is also stiff and the shoe as a hole takes a bit to break it, but once you do it is phenomenal.

Leigh M

Love these shoes! I upgraded from my old new zeroes which have been awesome but had worn out after a year and a half. I like that this pair has a soft slipper make in the foot, making them easier to pull on and off and more flexible. The rubber on the toe is super stiff and great for aggressive toe hooks. I mainly Boulder but these will be great for rope as well. I am still breaking them in, but after a few wears can feel them fitting nicely. I size a half size up from my normal shoe size so as to keep them snug. The rubber on the sole is different from the old new zero in that instead of being one smooth piece it has a thicker toe and sole. Much more support yet still feeling tight in the shoe, exactly what I want for bouldering. Also I love the color!!

Gavin Long
Sticky sensitive soft shoes

Absolutely adore these shoes, i bought them for mainly bouldering in and it did not disappoint.

These are my main climbing shoes for sport routes and bouldering outside and inside. The rubber is sticky and durable, the materials are soft and mailable which is great.

Can smear, edge, hook and all sorts with these shoes.
I am a size UK 9 street size and got the UK 7.5 for these shoes, i would have gone size UK 8 but non was in stock at the time.

Overall a great pro shoe for high grade climbing!

Chris DiMaulo
My New Bouldering Go-To

Right away I'll say that I love this shoe and it's my first pick for almost any indoor boulder. It's super snug, the rubber is incredibly grippy, and it's softness lends itself to most volume-centric problems. I climb V7 / 7c / 5.13 ish regularly if that helps to put my opinion in perspective.

SoIll recommends going up half a size but I prefer a really tight fit and went half a size down from my street shoe (US 10.5M) and like the feel of a 10. I also own the Free Range Pro's and find the same size works. It's relatively low volume with a very snug heel and cramped toe area that molds very nicely and shapes to your foot after they get a little warm. I have wider feet and still find these fit very well. The heel even fits really well leaving no space at all so heel hooks feel great.

Toe & Forefoot:
These shoes are super soft. They essentially just have a liner separating you from the rubber and there's no midsole. They flex in every direction and the forefoot rubber itself is hyper flexible as well. I find this helps a ton in trying to feel exact positions on little foot holds and edges while the softness lends to great stickiness on big volumes.
The topside is completely covered in rubber as well which makes these shoes ideal for toe-hooks. They're sticky and soft in all the right ways.

The heel works for me. It has a weird shape compared to other shoes I've used like Drago's and are more similar to the heel of a Solution. What's really different is the extra band of thick rubber on the center of the heel which let's you heel-hook with a lot of pressure when needed. It's strange and I like it. It's the most secure heel I've used so far in a climbing shoe and I haven't found anything as form fitting elsewhere.

This is a great indoor shoe. It thrives in overhung routes and can really lend a lot to big volumes and even tough slabs. It's sensitive, tight where it needs to be, flexible beyond belief and really versatile. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good all-rounder.

Beautiful and Functional Shoes

These shoes are just the right amount of aggressive and they stick very very well. I was able to climb a 5.11 with no slipping issues on the smallest of holds. All of my shoes are So Ill brand and they keep me coming back! I found the sizing suggestion on the website to be very accurate. They are difficult to get on at first but after one or two climbs they are very comfortable.

Pro Performance

The New Zero Pro was designed with professional climber and So iLL athlete, Toshi Takeuchi, to be our most aggressive soft shoe in the lineup.
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe


The New Zero Pro is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, part of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. It's the stickiest rubber you will experience.


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  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe

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