Sloper Brush - Japan

This massive Sloper Brush was designed with our friends at B-Pump Tokyo for their anniversary. The head is packed full of boar hair bristles to clean off large areas of rock at once. The handle is made from recycled materials.

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11.5 in x 1.5 in
Boar Hair Bristles
Recycled Handle
Black Logo

Boar Hair Bristles

Boar hair has proven its usefulness in climbing brushes for years. Excellent for clearing away sand, dirt, and chalk, our Sloper Brush excels at cleaning fine-grain stone.

Rugged Construction

All of our boar hair brushes are made, printed, and packaged in the United States. The Sloper Brush’s large, ergonomic handle is made from recycled materials. Long, densely packed bristles gently expose grippy stone on your climbs.

Retail Ready

The So iLL Sloper Brush comes grid wall ready. Tagged and easy to display, this brush is perfect for customers who are anxious to hit the boulder field.

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