Scars Family

Texture can make or break the usefulness of a climbing hold.  Shaper Louie Anderson left his mark on the holds of our Scars family, where imperfections and small details help you hold on to the impossible.  A large family, with holds from Easy to Advanced, the Scars have something for everybody.

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Hold Count: 84
Sets: Cells, Rhino Virus, Forceps, Microbes, Mutation, Plasma, Condition, Contagious, Dopamine, Genes, Insulin, Scabs, Toxins, Tubes, Clavicle, Cardiac, The Cut, Delirium, Infection, Sinusitis
Shaper: Louie Anderson
Weight: 110.73 lbs
Ultra Bomber Urethane
Hardware Included

*Unless a custom color is specified and paid for, you will receive your holds in one of our nine inventory colors. Please note that custom color orders are produced on a per order basis and require a 30-day lead time.

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