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The Runner

This shoe is in Men's sizing
  • Inspired by a retro running shoe, the Runner embodies simple aspects of classic footwear while retaining the functionality of a high-performance climbing shoe. With a three point closure system and thick padded tongue, the Runner is sure to provide comfort while maintaining high performance for the intermediate to advanced climber.

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I have referenced and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Absolutely fabulous!

First off, these babies are gorgeous - way more vibrant and attractive in person than in online pics.

I have not worn these outside yet, but on indoor walls, they get the job done. Had me smearing on slabs with no problem. Heel hooks were solid. Toe hooking was not the easiest task while in this pair but I managed. Quite stiff in the midsole which is great if that’s what you’re looking for.

As for sizing, I am a women’s 9 - 9.5, often a 40. I took the designers rec for the comfy/beginner fit and ordered a 9. (I also have Morton’s toe that increases my shoe size by a full size; this makes climbing shoe fit difficult.) These are quite snug. I am ok with this. I feel it makes those precision moves much easier.

Overall, I freaking adore these shoes and really everything I’ve tried from this brand. Take their recommendations for the sizing; they are there for a reason. I am really looking forward to seeing them expand their line into even more apparel and accessories related to climbing. Please, So Ill, use your creative juices to make even more unique, awesome climbing goodies. Thanks guys and gals!!!

Great shoes even for beginners

I have been wearing these shoes for about a month and it has been great. The size chart worked well for me and as a beginner who previously wore a very flat climbing shoes, these are a good introduction to a more aggressive style.

Solid Rubber!

I had serious doubts regarding dark matter rubber. I thought it would be mediocre. Oh boy was I wrong! I seriously like it more than vibram, stealth, friction, or anything else I’ve tried. Softer, grippy, but super sturdy. Their sizing is pretty spot on in the descriptions as well. These pop when you’re on the wall. Will buy more from So iLL

Very pleased with The Runner

I am a beginner climber on a budget and have been reluctant to purchase "beginner" climbing shoes that I'd either grow out of or wear out quickly. After reading all the positive reviews for The Runner, I took advantage of the deep discount offered by So ill and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase!

If you are interested in by-passing the loose comfort sizing that climbing gyms and retailers often recommend to beginners, So ill's beginner/intermediate sizing guide is exactly right for a more aggressive fit. I wear size 11 street shoes and the size 12.5 is a tight (lengthwise) fit. I tape my big toes to avoid a bit of skin tear around the knuckle, otherwise, the shoes are extremely comfortable and I anticipate the shoes will better conform to my feet after the initial break-in period.

As an added unexpected bonus, the downturned toe-box offers far more support for my injured tendon big toes than the beginner shoes I've been wearing thus far - allowing me to toe hook and rotate on small holds without pain!

And the colourized (I'm Canadian) rubber sole? So ill!

If you're a beginner and on the fence about The Runner, don't be. Trust the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Amazing climbing shoes!!!!!!!!!

I got those shoes for my boyfriend as his graduation gift. He is absolutely in love. Everyone says his shoes are extremely cool! The only thing can be improved i=for this pair is that they are a little hard to toe hook. But everything else is just amazing. Buy them!!!!!!!!


Featuring Military Grade Dark Matter Rubber originally Developed for the US Navy Seals

  • So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner being used for bouldering
So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner outer product shot
So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner top product shot

Premium Materials

The padded tongue, breathable mesh upper, and thin lining offers comfort and reliability. Crafted with synthetic materials to create a long lasting fit (minimal stretch) and a three point velcro closure system, the Runner is a supreme climbing shoe blending fashion and function.

Advanced Features

A medium stiffness highly downturned toe provides precision in technical or steep overhung climbing. The fish-hook thin midsole enhances edging power for gym and outdoor climbing.

So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner bottom product shot
So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner inner product shot


Originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches and now employed by the Runner. The Runner features all blue "Dark Matter" rubber, a member of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky colored outsole rubber and the first ever of it’s kind.

  • So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner is paired with teal so ill active jeans

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