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  • Inspired by a retro running shoe, the Runner embodies simple aspects of classic footwear while retaining the functionality of a high-performance climbing shoe. With a three point closure system and thick padded tongue, the Runner is sure to provide comfort while maintaining high performance for the intermediate to advanced climber.

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Sizing • M = U.S. Men’s • W = U.S. Women’s

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I have referenced and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Nice Intro to Aggressive Shoes

So these were my first pair of SoiLL shoes. I really liked them! They are a nice first aggressive shoe. They are a very flexible shoe which makes them very comfortable for aggressive shoes; they are a good introduction to the world of aggressive shoes. I also liked the rubber a lot! They are very soft and sticky. This makes them very nice for smearing, slab, and slippery rock. I would highly recommend these shoes!

Try bigger size

I ordered bigger size, compared to what store suggested based on my current climbing shoes but they are too small for me:( I have quite wide feet though..
However they are extremely good looking and I have a feeling the right size would be very comfortable.

Great first time shoe

I love these shoes. I bought them a half-size smaller than the sizing chart recommended so it's been a rough break-in period but I wanted to have as tight of a fit as possible, although they did hurt a bit the first two sessions. Little by little, they have been conforming to my feet and they feel wonderful on any wall I try. Highly recommend buying these as a first climbing shoe!

Great Shoe w/ super sticky rubber

I am a size 11 4E shoe and I ordered size 12.5. Since my foot is so wide shoes fit tight with length lost around my heel. These fit perfectly with my toes bent into a powerful down turn that helps me to stand on the smallest holds. I have been really impressed with how these shoes instantly improved my footwork. The soft rubber has amazing grip, but it is clear that it wears a bit faster than shoes with less grip. They are great for heel hooks, the only place I find these shoes lacking is when toe hooking as you would expect since it does not have rubber covering the top of the shoe.

Girlfriend loves them!

I've been climbing for about 7 years, and recently got my girlfriend into climbing too. She started off with a basic pair of Evolv Elektras, which she quickly "outgrew" as she moved up in grade and onto more technical and overhung problems. She tried on many different types of downturned shoes from well known brands like La Sportiva, Evolv and 5.10, but never really fell in love with any of them. Her biggest complaint with most of them was the asymmetrical, pointed toe box didn't fit her toes comfortably (ballet feet). I got her these Runners on a whim, since they were on a great sale, and she absolutely loves them! They've got a really nice downturn to them, but they're not overly aggressive. So she gets great precision on small footholds and assistance with overhung routes, but they're still really comfortable after a full day of climbing. The toe box is more rounded then many other shoes and thus fits her toe shape perfectly. The stiff midsole is awesome for edging on tiny holds, though it makes them just a bit less flexible for smearing your feet, especially on big volume holds indoors. She loves the Dark Matter rubber, says her feet just stick to the holds like glue. And of course she adores the color! I think they look awesome too. The solid color throughout is such a unique look and definitely garners a lot of attention and compliments at the gym. Only downside to them so far is that the full synthetic construction means your feet will sweat way more than with leather shoes. As far as sizing goes: her street shoe size is US 8.5W in Adidas running shoes, 8.5W in Evolv Elektra, and we went with the 10W for these following So Ill's "Beginner" size guide. They're very comfortable while still providing great precision, but she thinks we could have gone with 9.5W for the extra precise/technical fit and they still wouldn't feel painfully tight. Overall, highly recommend these shoes!


Featuring Military Grade Dark Matter Rubber originally Developed for the US Navy Seals

  • So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner being used for bouldering
So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner outer product shot
So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner top product shot

Premium Materials

The padded tongue, breathable mesh upper, and thin lining offers comfort and reliability. Crafted with synthetic materials to create a long lasting fit (minimal stretch) and a three point velcro closure system, the Runner is a supreme climbing shoe blending fashion and function.

Advanced Features

A medium stiffness highly downturned toe provides precision in technical or steep overhung climbing. The fish-hook thin midsole enhances edging power for gym and outdoor climbing.

So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner bottom product shot
So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner inner product shot


Originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches and now employed by the Runner. The Runner features all blue "Dark Matter" rubber, a member of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky colored outsole rubber and the first ever of it’s kind.

  • So iLL Climbing Shoe The Runner is paired with teal so ill active jeans

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