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Roids Mega 1 - Seconds


This is a Factory SecondThe holds may need light to heavy sanding to take off excess material, may not have a washer, and/or may require bolt holes drilled further. A touch of elbow grease and you'll have these holds in primo condition. Either way, you're sure to get an outstanding deal.

This creative big sloper master shaper Jason Kehl will make you re-think how you climb and how you set for that matter. The tiny and large bubbles covering the surface create an interesting texture on one side and a smooth texture on the other, making this hold one of the most interesting and thought provoking in the line.

Questions? Check the FAQ.

Hold Count: 1 
Size: Feature
Style: Slopers 
Difficulty: Moderate
Shaper: Jason Kehl
Weight: 9.980 lbs
Ultra Bomber Urethane