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Pipes Family

The Pipes symmetrical design makes them super simple, but like nothing you have ever climbed on before.

Pipes Stalactite- Stalactite Pipes shoot straight out from the wall, great for steeper angles to a very 3-D style of climb. Pipes Angled- The angled Pipes come out diagonally from the wall and are the most positive style, you can get really creative with their angle, that changes with the steepness of your wall. Pipes Rails- These longer version of the Pipes are great for matching or work your way along until you reach the sweet spot.

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Hold Count: 65
Sets: Pipes I, Pipes II, Pipes III, Pipes IIII, Pipes V, Pipes Angle I, Pipes Angle II, Pipes Angle III, Pipes Rails I, Pipes Rails II, Pipes Rails III, Pipes Rails IIII, Pipes Stalactite I, Pipes Stalactite II, Pipes Stalactite III, Pipes Stalactite IIII, Pipes Stalactite V, Pipes Stalactite VI, Pipes Feet-15 Pack
Shaper: Jason Kehl
Weight: 129.75 lbs
Ultra Bomber Urethane
Hardware Included

Random Color
So iLL Green

*Unless a custom color is specified and paid for, you will receive your holds in one of our nine inventory colors. Please note that custom color orders are produced on a per order basis and require a 30-day lead time.

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