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Livingood Hangboard - Seconds


This is a Factory Second - The holds may need light to heavy sanding to take off excess material, may not have a washer, and/or may require bolt holes drilled further. A touch of elbow grease and you'll have these holds in primo condition. Either way, you're sure to get an outstanding deal.

Enjoy the finer things in life with the Livingood Training Board from So iLL. This is the best intermediate board on the planet, with perfectly carved features that focus on comfort! A great training tool for limited space, this features: Slopers, Jugs, Finger Pockets, Crimps and Pinches. 

  • Large Sloper for Matching
  • 2 Large Jugs
  • 2 Finger Pockets
  • 3 Finger Pockets
  • Small Crimp for Matching
  • 2 Medium Crimps
  • Super Comfy Pinches
  • Ultra Bomber Urethane