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Lilla Speglar - Flat Pack Volumes

  • Flat Packing Volumes? You heard it right. Designed with 360 Holds (by one of the best routesetters in the world), made of the highest quality plywood with dual texture (matte finish and textured), and imported from Europe, we are bringing you a set of volumes that pack and ship flat. Save money on shipping, save space in your storage closet. Easy assembly. Set and send.
    • Hold Count: 1 
    • Size: Volume
    • 610 x 632 x 339mm Each
    • Weight: 10.40 lbs 
    • Hardware Included
    • Designed by 360 Holds - by one of the best routesetters in the world
    • Highest Quality Plywood
    • Flat Packing = Free Shipping
    • Easy Assembly with Screwdriver or Drill
    • Save Storage Space by Disassembling
    • Textured and Matte Finished Plywood

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
So Cool!!!

We couldn’t be happier with this volume pair!!! They’re so sticky, and grippy, the kiddos love them. One thing to point out however, on the website in the cluster of pictures at the top, the dimensions in that photo are incorrect! The dimensions are correct on the pdf and also on the picture towards the bottom of the website, but I thought I was getting much larger volumes not a big deal as we love these! I’ve used them to set compression, mantels, and currently a fun swing over (for the lime green route) for the adults. Isabella (Izzy 9yo) is in the photo, and loves using them to make her own routes! I’ll for sure be ordering another set at some point. You will not be disappointed! The Erickson Family

On the wall in no time flat.

The three unique panels of each volume go together with ease and make for an incredibly convenient, durable, and packable set of volumes.
measurements for so ill flat pack volumes

Range of Sizes

We've got the right size for you, from the relatively compact "Bebis Triangeln" to the enormous "Massiv Volym." As an added bonus, all FPV's are durable enough to withstand repeated screw on hold integrations.


Save Space, Save $$

When you're done, our Flat Pack Volumes can be broken down for easy stack and store space saving goodness.

So iLL flat pack volumes shown disassembled
  • Routesetter John Oungst puts together a so ill flat pack volume in front of a climbing wall
  • a climbing hold is screwed onto a so ill flat pack volume
  • route setter John Oungst climbs on the so ill flat pack volumes
  • The So iLL flat pack volumes are climbed on during a climbing session.

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