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Innies Volumes - 4 Pack

Limited Time $599 Gym Pricing

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Our brand new four-pack of fiberglass features are imported from Europe, and have now arrived in the USA. As a great addition to our Innies Family (coming soon), these four volumes are the biggest and slopiest holds in the So iLL line. These multidirectional volumes put absolute friction climbing right at your fingertips.

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Hold Count (sold as set): 4
Style: Sloper
Difficulty: Moderate
L: 55.88cm H: 17.78cm Thickness: .63cm
L: 60.32cm H: 17.78cm Thickness: .63cm
L: 69.85cm H: 17.78cm Thickness: .63cm
L: 74.93cm H: 22.86cm Thickness: .63cm
Weight: 15.88 kg / 35lbs (entire set)
Fiberglass Construction
Round Head Flat Bottom Screw Installation Required

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