Hangers - Japan

So iLL's precision-cut Hangers are a unique way to get stronger. Hanging the devices helps to prevent injuries. Flip the Hangers upside down and run the rope the opposite direction to increase your training possibilities.

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Set of Two Hangers
Two Jugs
Two Four-Finger Edges
Two Three-Finger Pockets
Two Two-Finger Pockets
Weight: 4.36 lbs
Ropes Included

Built to So iLL standards of excellence and designed with versatility in mind, the So iLL Hangers are your next go to training tool.


Warmed up and ready to take your training session to the next level? Just flip the hangers and use the three slopey pockets. With a total of seven grips, the So iLL Hangers are ready to give you what you need, from easy to intense.

Perfectly Textured

If you love climbing on our holds, you will love training on our Hangers. Same texture you know and love, the Hangers will let you put in tireless training sessions without sacrificing skin.

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