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Free Range Pro


  • The Free Range Pro is next level. We’ve taken all the things you love about the original Free Range and changed some technical features to improve performance. We started by making a stiffer toe box and adding rubber to the toe to increase toe hooking capabilities. The Free Range pro also offers a split outsole for flexibility, along with a stiff midsole for better heel hooking, to keep you confident on all those projects requiring extreme foot precision.


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Customer Reviews

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franco covarrubias
Solid Shoes

I just ordered these and really struggled to get an idea of what size I should get. They arrived today and they fit great!

Im a 5'5" male that regularly climbs 5.10a-5.12a and v4-v5. My street shoe size is 8.5. My feet are wider than they are narrow, and all other shoes (evolv, madrock, sportiva) I've climbed in have been size 9(US) or 42(UK). Im used to a more aggressive shape for a shoe. I sort of followed the sizing recommendation but mostly disregarded it. I would say order the size shoe you typically climb in and if this is your first aggressive shoe ever I'd follow the sizing recommendations.

The strap is great and helps keep your heel down and locked into the shoe. Color pops and the image is fairly accurate. The rubber does feel a tad soft and thin but it's significantly "grippier" than any other rubber on any other shoe I've had. The slits on the rubber also allow the rubber to really flex so you can get your feet into really any position you'd like. Great shoe at this price and I'll likely order a couple more.

Lieven Hendrickx
Awesomeness (both function ánd design)

I absolutely love these shoes, great downturn, good balance between stiffness and flexibility on slabby stuff. (This is the second pair of free range pro’s) My only remark would be to raise the heel higher to protect the Achilles tendon when heel hooking. Even though the main forse of a heel hook is focussed on the curve of your heel, often the back of your heel and tendon is pressed almost as firm agains the jold or rock you’re hooking on.. > cf image 😊

Michael Pham
Free Range Pro

First time having a stiffer shoe. Took a little to get use to. But a great show for tiny toe hold and sticks the wall great. Would recommend just on the function of the shoe, but also a great looking shoe for a good price. Would buy another one when the time comes.

Very nice shoes

I've had my eyes on these shoes for quite some time and I now I regret waiting so long! These fit very well en make me way more confident on smaller holds!

The fit is kinda small compared to my other shoes, but they still had my size! :)

Kyle Gramlich
Love these shoes

This is my second pair of the free range pros. I had the green free range before that. The pros really fixed the problem with my heel poping out.

Pro Performance

The Free Range Pro was reimagined and designed in partnership with Toshi Takeuchi to be a go-to maximum performance workhorse.
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe


A classic, proven style receives a host of updates to take it to the next level

So iLL Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe bottom profile


The Free Range Pro is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, part of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. It's the stickiest rubber you will experience.


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  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe

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