Free Range LV

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  • Say hello to the Free Range LV, the low volume counterpart to our aggressively downturned Free Range model. The Free Range LV has a unique one-strap closure system to keep dead spots to a minimum and with the medium-stiff toe box, you’ll feel confident on the smallest of edges. Built on a narrower last and, therefore, a narrower mid foot and heel, we rounded it out with rubber coverage on the toe.

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bb's first aggro shoes

The Free Range LV's are the first aggressive climbing shoes I've owned. That being the case, it took a bit of time for me to get used to them, but they're broken-in now, and I've grown to love them. They fit snuggly and the rubber helps me to not slip on footholds (outdoor and indoor). When I'm wearing these shoes, my toe placement feels more precise and I feel stable even on tiny footholds. Would recommend to a friend.

Top Shoe

I received this shoe 2 days ago and i must say it fits like a glove. It has a fantastic feel on the wall aswell as on the rocks.
Thanks so ill for anotherawesome shoe

Incroyable service client

Chat en direct juste miraculeux pour définir la taille des chaussons. Merci. La grande classe. À très bientôt
Les chaussons sont un rêve, merci

Great Customer Service

I ordered these shoes on closeout and was extremely impressed with the customer service I received and how quickly they arrived. The shoes are very aggressive and I’m a huge fan of the design/color. A little snug (I ordered a 8 and I wear a 7.5) would probably go up a half size. Overall great experience.

Buy these now

LOVE my So iLL shoes!!!! I have just got these a few weeks ago and they’re starting to break in now. Very easily the most comfortable climbing shoes I’ve owned yet. I have a bit of a wider foot for a girl and, since all climbing shoes need to be a bit uncomfortable to actually be doing their job, I was worried when I first put them on that it would only be possible that they be the most beautiful uncomfortable shoes I own.. but they are most definitely moulding my feet like a dream and are turning into the most beautiful aaannnd comfortable climbing shoes I own


  • So iLL Free Range Climbing Shoe

Premium Materials

The Free Range LV offers up a unique one-strap, cross-foot closure system to keep dead spots to a minimum so that you are fully in control. The thick padded tongue adds an extra level of comfort.

Advanced Features

As our most aggressive stiff shoe, the Free Range LV has more rubber coverage and heel tension than any other model in the So iLL line, offering an unprecedented amount of technical precision.


The Free Range LV is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, part of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. It's the stickiest rubber you will experience.

  • Free Range LV Climbing Shoe

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