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Factory Blem Shoes - The Runner

Please note, because of the deep discount of these shoes, they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges, nor are they covered by our warranty. If you are unsure of your So iLL shoe sizing, we recommend buying two pairs.
  • Need great shoes for cheap? Here's your chance to score a great deal on shoes looking for a good home. Factory blem shoes contain some cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the structure, performance, or size of the shoe.

    Factory Blem Shoes may contain the following cosmetic blemishes:

    • Shallow or deep scratches in rubber
    • Minor stains on fabric
    • Minor rips in fabric
    • Excess glue along rubber
    • Scuff marks on colored rubber
    • Misprint of logos
    • Notes of chalk 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
,,, just hope they're not too flashy :)

Came in quickly and shoes look great, very excited to get them on the wall. I would say sizing is on par with the size guide recommendation. I wear a 7.5-8 shoe and got an 8 in the Runner. With the sizing I have a, similarly, snug fit as to my other climbing shoes (La Sportiva Otakis - size 38).

First pair of So iLL shoes and hoping not the last ;)

Changed my bouldering game!

I snagged The Runner’s as my first pair of aggressive shoes after some debate. They are not only extraordinarily sticky, but they are also incredibly easy to size and such a good looking shoe! V3 and up became significantly easier as well as overhangs with such a dynamic shoe! Will keep coming back for more. Relatively comfortable for aggressive shoes and very secure! Shipping was quick as well.

So ill Factory Blems

I received my shoes really quickly, and to my surprise I couldn’t find anything at all wrong with them.. I small amount of excess rubber in some of the non essential places, but overall this shoe is really well made and pretty comfortable. I’m really glad I could find these for so cheap as I didn’t want to spend 140+ bucks on a pair of shoes.


I had been looking at the runners for weeks beforw this as a mid point shoe between my Miuras and BD momentums. When they got here I tried them on and they fit like a glove. They soon became my favorite shoe. I found my self picking them up over everything! The rubber so just a dream, it is crazy sentitive and sticky enought to make anything feel solid. Truly my favorite shoe.

Factory Blems size 13

The factory blem shoes came to me looking fresh and shiny, there was no blemishes or scratches on it at all, it looked new and probably used just once. 5/5 would buy again, I'm a size 12 to 13 in street shoes and 13 was the final size for these bad boys but it fits perfectly. It's like medium aggressive so I'll have to break them in a little. It feels like sticking to the wall, I saw all these reviews of them saying "oh man I just stock to the wall" and I'm like that's prob some dude getting paid to say that cus that sounds like a load of ** haha but i tried it and it was as advertised and it's probably the best shoes I've tried yet... And this is factory blem shoes guys, even their "defects" are amazing. This company is really top notch.

Shameless plug incoming-
IG: cregonmeadhorn

If you have more questions about the shoes you can ask me on my insta personally.