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Factory Blem Shoes - Street LV

  • Need great shoes for cheap? Here's your chance to score a great deal on shoes looking for a good home. Factory blem shoes contain some cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the structure, performance, or size of the shoe. Please read full description before purchasing. 

    Factory Blem Shoes may contain the following cosmetic blemishes:

    • Shallow or deep scratches in rubber
    • Minor stains on fabric
    • Minor rips in fabric
    • Excess glue along rubber
    • Scuff marks on colored rubber
    • Misprint of logos
    • Notes of chalk 

    Please note, because of the deep discount of these shoes, they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges, nor are they covered by our warranty. If you are unsure of your So iLL shoe sizing, we recommend buying two pairs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
These are amazing!

I got these for my boyfriend for his climbing and he loves them! The rubber is super nice and grippy on the wall and the color really stands out and is amazing! The only issue we’ve had is that the shoes loosen up on him while he climbs so he has to retighten the straps. But that’s no problem at all! Our blem shoes just seemed to be over glued and no one notices when you’re on the wall so no issues there! They garner lots of compliments. Very worth the price!

favorite shoes

The Street LV is my daughter's favorite shoes. She practices 3 hours a day almost everyday and doesn't give her pain on her feet. Very soft. This is her second pair. And I cannot even notice they are blems.

Blend but you wouldn’t know...

Bought these last year before knee surgery. No one know they are blems. I get lots of comments on my So iLL shoes.

They did take awhile to break in. But feel great once they were broken in. I’m collecting an assortment of So iLL shoes.

Never disappoint

Just got my second pair of factory blemished Street LVs and I'm always so impressed with the quality. My first pair lasted me over a year and I climbed everything in them--sport and bouldering both indoors and out. I can never quite tell what the SoIll team sees in these factory blemished shoes to discount them so much, but I'm always stoked that they do. They look perfect to me each and every time and fit as expected.

Great shoes, Took a long time to break in

I had to do a lot of sizing research before buying the blems since they are not returnable and I'm really glad I did. I had to size up two sizes to a 9.5 in these, my street shoe is 7.5. I get that these are a more aggressive shoe but had I followed the recommended sizing and bought a 8.5 my foot would not have been able to fit in the shoes at all. I was hesitant to write a review before they were broken in because at first they were pretty unbearable to climb in, but after a two weeks they are starting to become more comfortable. Now that I can climb in them without much pain I give them 5 stars! Great performance and they look great!