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Factory Blem Shoes - Free Range LV

Please note, because of the deep discount of these shoes, they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges, nor are they covered by our warranty. If you are unsure of your So iLL shoe sizing, we recommend buying two pairs.
  • Need great shoes for cheap? Here's your chance to score a great deal on shoes looking for a good home. Factory blem shoes contain some cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the structure, performance, or size of the shoe.

    Factory Blem Shoes may contain the following cosmetic blemishes:

    • Shallow or deep scratches in rubber
    • Minor stains on fabric
    • Minor rips in fabric
    • Excess glue along rubber
    • Scuff marks on colored rubber
    • Misprint of logos
    • Notes of chalk 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
love em!

I love the look of these shoes, so pretty. They are my first pair of aggressive shoes and are relatively comfortable, I expect that they will get better and better as I break them in. I followed the size recommendation and they fit pretty good, I will probably go down a half size next time.

Free Range LV - 12

Bought a pair of these to give them a shot after seeing Jason Momoa flaunt them around and damn was I not disappointed. These guys are my go to now for everyday climbing. I wear a 9.5 in Converse All Stars in Redwing boots for reference and decided to go a half size below standard climber recommended for that extra tight feel and let me tell you, it's worth it. Wear in was about five 2 hour sessions and it went as fast as most shoes I've had. I was a little worried about the smell (because I'm a hotfoot climber) but the full access tongue airs them out super well when not climbing.

The LV heel and toe box is their shining glory. My previous aggressive shoes were a pair of Scarpas and these guys kick their ass for heel fit. Never slip off a heel hook again and try a pair of these! I have a pair of the Street LV in 12 as well and love them both.

Free Range LV 13

If you’re like me then you’re used to the climbing gym burning through your shoes in a matter of months. I stopped resoling old pairs over 2 times because the stink becomes unmanageable. So I’ve been buying cheaper “gym” shoes. I decided to try these because I was tired of sacrificing performance for price. I think it’s great that So Ill offers their shoes like this, it’s definitely appreciated by me. These are an inexpensive way to get a solid climbing shoe. For reference I bought the LV Free Range in a size 13. I wear a 43.5 solution/skwama and a 10.5 Anasazi VCS. These are most comparable to the shape and fit of the solution. These are definitely narrower through the toe (low volume model obviously), but I feel they have a way better heel than the solution in my opinion. Honestly you can’t go wrong at this price. I was a little unsure of a pink shoe at first, but in person they definitely look stylish and not feminine.