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Factory Blem Shoes - The Kick

  • Need great shoes for cheap? Here's your chance to score a great deal on shoes looking for a good home. Factory blem shoes contain some cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the structure, performance, or size of the shoe. Please read full description before purchasing. 

    Factory Blem Shoes may contain the following cosmetic blemishes:

    • Shallow or deep scratches in rubber
    • Minor stains on fabric
    • Minor rips in fabric
    • Excess glue along rubber
    • Scuff marks on colored rubber
    • Misprint of logos
    • Notes of chalk 

    Please note, because of the deep discount of these shoes, they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges, nor are they covered by our warranty. If you are unsure of your So iLL shoe sizing, we recommend buying two pairs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Love these shoes. Super comfortable for all day climbing. They do bleed and you will look like a smurf but it's worth it.

so far great1

Put these shoes on and wondered if they were too comfortable, however went to my wall to test them and WOW! Looking forward to getting to my crag to give them a full climbing day of projects!

Great Shoe, but beware of sizing

Got myself another pair of climbing shoes as my old ones were starting to show it age.

I always wanted a pair of So iLLs but no luck finding them in wherw I am.Thought I was in luck because the factory blem had mysize so it would not be too big a cost to my wallet. So I took the plunge and bought them without trying them in store.

I'm a US 9 and I only upsized to US 10 (instead of a 10.5 as advised by the sizing guide) but yet they were too big for me.

Sizing aside lets me address the color of this shoe. Its really striking. Among the sea of black colored sole of climbing shoes in my gym, having worn this just for 10 mins and it already caught people's eye asking what brand are these as they have never seen anything like it before.

I cant say much about The Kick's comfort because they were on the large/lose side.

But for the couple of sends I did in them just for kicks, pun fully intended, impressed me because there is alot of toe support and was very good hanging on those little (almost flat) footholds dispite being too large.

Shame about the sizing, but I already have another order for a pair of The Runner in my street shoe size because I like the color, alot and also the performance despite being the wrong size.

Great shoes!

These are my first pair of rock climbing shoes and I’m so happy that I got them. I still consider myself a beginner, and these are as comfortable as climbing shoes go. The rubber is grippy and helps me with smearing. Also, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them because of the bright color.

Shoes for my wife

My wife was needing new shoes because we figured out her other shoes were a little big. I had just gotten a pair of So ill shoes and I loved mine. I decided that she could benefit from the extra grip these shoes offer. They fit her perfectly. We went down a half size from her street shoe. They are snug but not unwearable. Definitely an improvement right away. Not to mention she loves the color and having the Velcro. I doubt either of us will ever buy a different brand of shoe