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Factory Blem Shoes - The Kick

  • Need great shoes for cheap? Here's your chance to score a great deal on shoes looking for a good home. Factory blem shoes contain some cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the structure, performance, or size of the shoe. Please read full description before purchasing. 

    Factory Blem Shoes may contain the following cosmetic blemishes:

    • Shallow or deep scratches in rubber
    • Minor stains on fabric
    • Minor rips in fabric
    • Excess glue along rubber
    • Scuff marks on colored rubber
    • Misprint of logos
    • Notes of chalk 

    Please note, because of the deep discount of these shoes, they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges, nor are they covered by our warranty. If you are unsure of your So iLL shoe sizing, we recommend buying two pairs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Teal for a steal

I ordered these about 4 months ago and they've broken in very nicely! Out of the box they look great and any blemishes aren't very noticeable. Overall this is a nice soft shoe, very sticky.

First Climbing Shoes

Awesome shoes! I've only been climbing for about 2 months and these shoes have stepped my game up and allow me to be a little more aggressive than I usually am. Plus, they look super rad

Mat Morales

Great shoes

I got these shoes for my roommate as a birthday present/intro to climbing and she LOVES them. They’re comfortable and she’s still able to climb well!