Bubbies Family

Smooth, round, and comfortable, the Bubbies family offers everything from foot jibs to XXL slopers.  But don’t let their ergonomic design fool you, master shaper Jason Kehl made sure every Bubbie hold has a good side and a bad side. These holds are surprisingly difficult on steeper angles.

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Hold Count: 63
Sets: Lil Bubbers, Lil Bubbins, Bubbers, Bubbins, Big Bubbers, Big Bubbie, Big Bubbins, Bubbies, Bubs, Big Bub
Shaper: Jason Kehl
Weight: 85.30 lbs
Ultra Bomber Urethane
Hardware Included

*Unless a custom color is specified and paid for, you will receive your holds in one of our nine inventory colors. Please note that custom color orders are produced on a per order basis and require a 30-day lead time.

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