Boar Hair Brush

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Introducing the So iLL boar hair brush for cleaning holds. As always, we are helping keep your holds so fresh and so clean. The brush features a So iLL green handle with a black logo print. The large number of bristles extend to the edge of the brush for maximum cleaning potential.

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Boar Hair Bristles
Green Handle
Black Logo

Boar Hair Bristles

Boar hair has proven its usefulness in climbing brushes for years. Excellent for clearing away sand, dirt, and chalk, boar hair also excels at removing grease and rubber from both indoor and outdoor holds.

Rugged Construction

All of our boar hair brushes are made, printed, and packaged in the United States. Our signature boar hair brush features an ergonomic design to help drive into the most resilient residues.

Retail Ready

Retail packaging available for your pro shop or storefront. Slender tubed, capped, and grid wall ready, our boar hair brushes are easier than ever to display to your customers.

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