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Blurr Board - Seconds


This is a Factory Second - The holds may need light to heavy sanding to take off excess material, may not have a washer, and/or may require bolt holes drilled further. A touch of elbow grease and you'll have these holds in primo condition. Either way, you're sure to get an outstanding deal.

  • 2 Rounded Comfy Jugs
  • 1 Giant Sloper
  • 2 Rounded Incut Crimps
  • 2 Slopey Pinches
  • 2 Dishes
  • Small Crimp
  • 2 Comfy Deep Monos
  • 1 Comfy Two Finger Pocket
  • 2 Slopey Crimps with Incut Thumb Catches
  • Ultra Bomber Urethane