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The Street

  • Inspired by everyday classic footwear, the Street is a faultless blend of fashion and function. Designed with synthetic materials for minimal stretch and a thin midsole, for a softer, more sensitive fit, the Street is an extremely lightweight, aggressive climbing shoe. 

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Sizing • M = U.S. Men’s • W = U.S. Women’s

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I have referenced and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

I love my So Ill Street climbing shoes! They are great for toeing and sticking to flat surfaces. I bought mine a size up and they fit perfectly. They are lightweight and durable. Bonus points for not being ugly. Five stars- highly recommend!

My shoes

Such a beautiful shoe!
I've been using these shoes for quite some time now.
I prefer to climb straight / slab walls and do all-round bouldering, all with these shoes. (V6 / 7A)
These shoes are very comfortable, I can wear them for such a long time and it never really starts to feel uncomfortable.
My sneaker size is 9.5 and I use these in 10.

Normally you pay the price on the wall for these comforts, but with The Street shoe I can stand on the smallest holes, get descent toe & heel hooks.
I am really impressed! I now bought 2 pairs out of fear they will be out of collection...

Extra benefit: I wash these shoes, works great.

Great shoes!

Love these climbing shoes! I had the LV version before and honestly these look way better, the black-on-black is awesome and the curve is perfect. The only note I'd add for improvement is the longer than necessary straps.

Jordan Josafat
Quality & Style

Right out the box the quality & attention to detail is obvious! It looks good, it feels good and they perform even better. I've tried many different shoes and these by far are not only my favorite but also my most successful. Fit wise I have wide semi-flat feet and a full size bigger was absolutely perfect for me. It's a squeeze but the right squeeze. My friend a total beginner never tried a down turned shoe with average feet volume got a full size and a half bigger and that works perfectly for him. On the other hand, a well experienced climber at our gym gets a half size bigger. The sizing to me depends on what you're used too, your foot shape, and what do you plan to climb. Figure that out and you're golden! Overall super happy and impressed!

Eliott Brown
Fourth pair

Well, my fourth pair so I’d say I like them! The toe is perfect for both bouldering and ropes. I find them to be super comfy too and can walk around with them on without pain.

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So iLL Climbing shoe the Street outer product shot
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Premium Materials

The Street is fully sealed in a formidable matte black finish and equipped with a thin padded tongue. The larger buckles give the tightening system power and sensitivity to mold the soft shoe to your foot.

Advanced Features

An ultra thin midsole provides a softer more sensitive fit, creating an extremely lightweight aggressive climbing shoe. The toe box has been masterfully crafted to allow for a higher level of comfort and works conjunctively with the perfect amount of tension in the heel.

So iLL Climbing shoe the Street outer bottom shot
So iLL Climbing shoe the Street outer inner shot

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