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Iron Palm

  • The CryptoChild Iron Palm Board has a lot to offer.  You'll get a great workout on the big slopers, test your wits against its two pinches, and just hang around on its various edges. This is a must-have above every lonely door frame. Order in Black (18-01) for immediate shipping!
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Shaper: Jason Kehl
    • Big Slopers
    • 2 Pinches
    • Top Jug Rail: 45mm
    • First Crimp Rail (slightly rounded): 38mm
    • Second Crimp Rail (flat): 32mm
    • Bottom Crimp Rail (flat): 13mm
    • 27 in x 11.5 in x 4 in
    • Hardware Included
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Hardware IS included.

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I have read the holds lead time note. (directly above)

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Solid on the wall, great surface, purty, and the name sounds a little bit dirty.

Thee Sloper Hangboard

This thing is a baller, If you want to pump the forearms and learn how to crank on slopers this is where it is at. I love hanging and doing pull-ups on the slopers. It really engages the forearms more than any other board I have been on. Plus, it is very comfortable but still has a fantastic texture. Really stick like glue to these slopers. The slopers are big enough for full-hand/palm engagement, while the top bar is more of a finger bucket shape. The rungs in the center have all the variation you need to train on various depths. I have not quite figured you the pinches, but they are tough and give you something to work towards.

Functional art = Popeye arms

This is what happens when you combine a great looking hangboard with functionality of, you guessed it, a great hangboard. I don't think I could be happier.

Evelyne L
Best on the market

Perhaps one of the most complete on the market : true slopers, 2 sizes of pinches. The most all aroung training in one . Worth it!

Mark Cooper
This Fingerboard should be called the "Game Changer"

This is my 2nd fingerboard but quickly became my first love. I've even named it Bo. Me and Bo hang out every day. Sometimes its a struggle but mostly I just put my fingers in and go. I don't last long but I don't think Bo minds. This will happen several times a day every day and has since Bo came to me. I can feel our love (and my forearms) getting stronger each and every day too which really shows when I'm out in public with other holds. Don't worry, Bo is fine with it.

  • a man with tattoos trains on a pink so ill iron palm hang board
  • a man with tattoos trains on a seafoam so ill iron palm hang board
  • a man with tattoos trains on a black so ill iron palm hang board

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