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TOMS - Grey Violet Street

made in america and free shipping and free exchange icon
made in america and free shipping and free exchange icon
  • The TOMS Collaboration Street is designed with synthetic materials for minimal stretch and a thin midsole, for a softer, more sensitive fit, the TOMS Collaboration Street is an extremely lightweight, aggressive climbing shoe.  If you know your original So iLL "Street" climbing shoe size (in the original black colorway), select the same size in this model.  If not, please see the sizing tab above.

Questions? Check the FAQ.

*The 1Climb Indiegogo campaign is over so the purchase of this product no longer benefits 1Climb. If you’d like to financially support 1Climb, please choose the option at checkout.

Sizing • M = U.S. Men’s • W = U.S. Women’s

Looking for EU, UK, JP/CM sizing? Click here.

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I have referenced and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
The best shoes

I used to wear 8 of Puma sneakers and Korean shoes as 255~260. my feet shape is wide in forefoot, sharp in heel. And I just started v5 while bouldering for about 5months.
I ordered 8 mans size of this, A thumb toe is fit perfect but 2, 3rd toe is hurt. Therefore I would recommend buying 8.5 for who are same size with me.

Anyway, I love this color and design!

Look good, climb good

These shoes are fantastic looking. They also have extremely sticky rubber and a nice downturn to help hook those holds. I love mine.

So so good, exactly what I needed.

The matched the fit and feel of my old 5-10's and are very very comfortable an intermediate who has no issues with a tight fit I went half way between the size guide for pro and beginner and it was spot on ...but read the size guide! get it right.

Cost me a fair amount in duties to get from US to Portugal but then this is to be expected and they were not available in this colour and my size in EU ...but that is quickly forgotten.

The grip is awesome, especially on toe hooks and inverts, so no complaints there at all.

They are head turners for sure, but not over the top and I keep to myself at my local wall so have yet to have a question ..but i am sure they will come.

Great shoes

Cool shoes, awesome design

Performance WITH Comfort

This pair of shoes is mythical in a sense. It’s a ridiculously comfortable shoe but still maintains a high level of performance. The rubber is sticky to the point that I confuse the wall for toe chips. I was worried about the durability since it’s such a soft shoe but these shoes show no signs of slowing down even after frequent use.

Aesthetically: I cannot get enough of the split sole paint jobs. Please keep this design around!


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