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Free Range Pro

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  • The Free Range Pro is next level. We’ve taken all the things you love about the original Free Range and changed some technical features to improve performance. We started by making a stiffer toe box and adding rubber to the toe to increase toe hooking capabilities. The Free Range pro also offers a split outsole for flexibility, along with a stiff midsole for better heel hooking, to keep you confident on all those projects requiring extreme foot precision.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Perfect for getting into aggressive shoes

This was my first time wearing an aggressive climbing shoe, and I really like it! (I have been climbing indoors for about three years now, and finally decided to make the switch to a more aggressive shoe.) The Free Range Pro shoes have rubber that is really sticky and great for tiny footholds. Also, the hook on the front is great for toe hooks, without cramming your toes into an uncomfortable position. The only thing you need to get used to is the fact that the top of the shoe pushes quite a bit on the top of your big toe. I have found that if I drop off the wall from the top, the shoe will crush my big toe a bit on landing, so you have to remember to down climb. Other than that, I absolutely love them and they seem like a great starter shoe if you want to get into wearing aggressive climbing shoes.

Jack M
Professional Free Ranger

This rubber is crazy sticky on a smear. The stiffness can get you on some of the smallest foot chips without rolling off the edge. In heel hooks, the shoe feels secure with no sliding off. The hyper-aggressive downturn allows you to stick your toes in tiny pockets. This shoe is great for overhangs. I went a half size up because, all the cool kids wear tight shoes. But remember this is climbing shoe not a walking around shoe.

they just work for me.

I have been a big fan of the Free Range Pro ever since they came out. They just work for me and I don't need to think if there's something better out there for me

Nate Blakely

Enjoying these shoes so far a nice heel and they are pretty stiff for edging. I mostly just wear them for the problem I’m doing then take them off, not super comfortable for long periods of time, but that’s not what they are for. Real nice shoes and also the color is sweet I have blue.

Evan Leonard
My Permanent Climbing Shoes

I've tried many brands over the last decade, and I'm completely hooked on these climbing shoes. The Free Range Pro feels broken in right out of the box, edges well, and has superior rubber grip on both plastic and real rock. The footbox is well protected for toe hooks and quite stiff, providing good edging support. Even with separated forefoot and heel outsole (an improvement from the Free Range shoe), I still find that my heel starts to slip out of the shoe on intense heel hooks, especially on overhanging routes. There is only one strap, and the problem would most likely be solved with two. While not the best for heel hooking, it's amazing in every other way.

Pro Performance

The Free Range Pro was reimagined and designed in partnership with Toshi Takeuchi to be a go-to maximum performance workhorse.
  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe


A classic, proven style receives a host of updates to take it to the next level

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The Free Range Pro is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, part of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. It's the stickiest rubber you will experience.


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  • Free Range Pro Climbing Shoe

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