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Tyvek Rolldown Chalk Bucket (Pink)

  • Tyvek Rolldown Chalk Bucket - Pink
    Our crowd favorite Rolldown Chalk Bucket is better than ever. Outfitted with Tyvek material, this space-saving, collapsible design and top velcro closure/buckle secures your chalk when not in use. Now available in a Pink colorway.

  • • Pink-Space Saving Collapsible Tyvek

    • Fleece Lined Insides

    • Lightweight Rolldown Design

    • Rear Zipper Pocket

    • So iLL TPR

    • Custom TAKEHOLD Zipper

    • Velcro Closure

    • Durable/Water Resistant Material


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Pretty sweet

Much bigger than expected but really quality made product.

This chalk bucket holds so much chalk.

I bought this chalk bucket because my chalk bag didn’t hold as much chalk as a bucket could. Using a chalk bag when you boulder is like using a toothbrush to clean the toilet—it works, but it’s not cool. This chalk bucket is spacious enough for all my chalk (and then some!)

It’s also pastel pink, which is a dope color. AND it’s reasonably priced. I like the way the fleece lined inside feels when I put my hands in it to chalk up, and if you put enough chalk in it, it won’t spill when you put it down (which chalk bags do ALL THE TIME.)

Lastly, nobody at the gym has a bucket as cool as mine. My bucket is the coolest bucket and it matches my pink solutions.

TL;DR - If you Boulder, get this bucket.

One serious note though, the So Ill brushes are a bit wide to fit into the brush holders on the bag, but a thinner brush works fine. It would be cool if the brand’s brushes fit better into their buckets.

Shiny shiny

Love the gold. A great way to find my chalk bag easily at the gym. This is great if your sharing chalk with someone else. Like that there is a pocket i can put my rings in & a small brush holder. Wish they would've had a spot for the sloper brush too on the bag. For the price tho, a great steal!!

Darryl de Leon

It’s very stable and visible chalk bucket. it can also accommodate full pack of chalk powder. Very stylish too.

awesome tolitaries bag

i have been wanting a chalk bag I can get 2 hands in for some time now and saw this on sale and picked her up seems like it will work out well. It's going to live primarily in my at-home climbing wall but might make its way outdoors too.

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