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Lil Bubbins - Overstock

As one of the smallest members of the Bubbies family, this set is great for small hands or big feet. These holds provide great mini pinches or small slopey balls.  No two are alike which is great for keeping your setting options open.

Questions? Check the FAQ.

Hold Count: 15
Size: Small
Style: Slopers
Difficulty: Moderate
Shaper: Jason Kehl
Weight: 4.28 lbs
Ultra Bomber Urethane
Hardware Included

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Overstock Holds Note

NOTE: Please note, these hold sets do not come with bolts. If bolts are needed, they can be purchased separately here. Please write to us if bolt lengths are needed.
For color code reference, please visit our holds color page here.
Because of the deep discount of these holds, they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges, nor are they covered by our warranty.

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