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Grip Wash

Gym Price: $52.80 (Case)

Introducing a cleaning system that is specifically made for climbing holds. Grip Wash removes all normal dirt associated with climbing holds (rubber, chalk, sweat, oils). It is fast and intensive. No greasy film remains after cleaning. It works on all holds, every brand, whether Urethane or Resin. Use it in a bucket or dishwasher.

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  • A case contains four bottles of Grip Wash.
    Each bottle contains four cups of Grip Wash powder.
    Each cup makes one gallon of liquid Grip Wash.
    Each case makes a total of sixteen gallons of liquid Grip Wash.

  • Bucket:
    • Mix 1 measuring cup of Grip Wash with 1 gallon of water. Stir.
    • Soak holds for 8 - 10 minutes or until clean.
    • Scrub rubber covered holds with a soft brush.
    • Dunk in a cool water bath.
    • Double fill the standard detergent spot with Grip Wash.
    • Run the normal hold cycle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great way to refresh used holds

I got a bunch of used holds from a friend and they were chock-full of chalk lol. I tried to clean them myself but to no avail. I used Grip Wash and it was super easy to get them clean. They now look new!

So fresh and so clean.

Finally cleaned holds that had been in heavy rotation for way to long. Gets it done, simple and effective with minimal abrasiveness.
Keep your holds and climbers happy with So iLL Grip Wash.

Simple Solution

Ease of use is important, and nothing is easier than using So iLL Grip Wash on your holds. Quick soaks and light scrubs in our Grip Wash make cleaning your climbing holds easier than ever.

so ill grip wash inside of its retail packaging.
  • so ill grip wash being used to wash a so ill climbing hold
close view of so ill grip wash inside of packaging

Extremely Effective

If you want your climbing holds to feel brand new after every wash, our Grip Wash is perfect for you. Deeply effective against rubber, oils, and chalk, you can count on that fresh-plastic feel without your holds becoming slick.

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