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Tokyo Streets

  • Life is a state of bliss with the Tokyo Streets.  La Vie en rose.  Based off the same last as The Street, the Tokyo Streets were designed with synthetic materials for minimal stretch. An ultra thin midsole provides a softer more sensitive fit, creating an extremely lightweight aggressive climbing shoe.

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I have referenced and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

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Great Start

Just busted these out after getting them last week. Fit was great, just like they explained in their fit guide. Also very comfortable for a more aggressive fitting shoe. Rubber is super stick for those pin point toe holds.

My favorite gym/boulder shoes

I just bought a new pair of Tokyo Streets, and I'm super sad they're discontinued! I'd used the last pair of Tokyos to win a charity climbing competition and hadn't had them resoled until it was too late. I won the competition, climbing more than 10,000ft in 22 days- a breeze in these shoes.

The precision of these shoes is incredible. You can edge on anything. I have tried the new Streets, and they don't feel as sharp, so I'm sad to see them go.

Great shoe

It has good fitting and the dark matter seems good. Hope my husband likes it.

Tokyo Streets, my go to shoe

Tokyo Streets are my go to shoe! I purchased these shoes Aug 1 and it's not Oct 3rd so it's been around a month of climbing and I climbing 3-4 times a week. These shoes-have gone through the ringer. I must say that the sizing is spot on I wear a 9.5 and ended up getting a size 12 so a middle ground between their recommended sizing of comfort and performance. When I first put them on they were excruciating as this was an upgrade from my tarantulaces. I must say that I've seen a major improvement in my climbing with these shoes and they will have minimal stretch due to the synthetic material. There is no dead space in my heel or toe hooks. The rubber is super grippy so smearing is a breeze. I usually climb a V5 and I love these shoes and would recommend them for anyone looking to buy them. I also am a male and these fit my feet great & perform great as well!

Tokyo Streets, my go to shoe

As of right now I bought the tokyo streets on August 1st! It's been around a month and two days since I've been using them and I must say these shoes are great. They've held up tremendously well and I have seen an improvement in my climbing with them in comparison to my tarantula's. These shoes are a soft shoe and will slowly help improve your foot work as you can feel the rocks indoors and outdoors. The sizing is on point, I wear a size 9.5 usually in street shoes and went with a size 12 in these shoes and I must say that overtime they are a shoe I can wear for around 5-6 boulder problems before giving my feet some rest. The first time I wore these shoes they were pretty excruciating, but as time goes on there is minimal stretch which has made this shoe perfect for me when bouldering. So far there are no complaints and I would recommend this shoe especially for people looking for a more aggressive upgrade to their neutral shoes. I usually climb a V5 and these have been great for me thus far.


Featuring Military Grade Dark Matter Rubber originally Developed for the US Navy Seals

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Premium Materials

The Tokyo Streets are crafted with a brilliant metallic rose gold upper and equipped with a thin padded tongue. The low volume last and larger buckles give the tightening system power and sensitivity to mold the soft shoe to a narrower foot profile.

Advanced Features

An ultra thin midsole provides a softer more sensitive fit, creating an extremely lightweight aggressive climbing shoe. The toe box has been masterfully crafted to allow for a higher level of comfort and works conjunctively with the perfect amount of tension in the heel.

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The Tokyo Streets are coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, a member of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, "Dark Matter" rubber is a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches.

  • tokyo streets climbing shoe doing a heel hook for bouldering

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