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The New Zero

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  • When Jason Kehl FA’d his ultra-modern v13 test piece, “The New Zero,” in Southern Illinois, it marked a new level for Jason and a new benchmark for technical climbing.

    Inspired by this commitment to pushing boundaries, The New Zero was born. A new performance benchmark for So iLL shoes and for your climbing.

    The New Zero boasts the performance of a sensitive slipper with the stability of a strapped shoe. One of the most soft/high performing shoes in our line. The New Zero performs on steep overhanging bouldering as well as the smallest of smears. Designed for advanced and elite climbers, The New Zero allows for full sensitivity to nuanced footholds and technical bouldering demands.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Endo Shier
Extreme Soft and comfortable

This is my 3rd shoes for last one year from the beginning. This softness would be very unique among shoes have similar aggressiveness. My next shoes will be new pro line.

Paul P

I love this shoes. Size chart was right on point. After a couple of sessions I felt very comfortable in them. Definitely recommend...

It’s not shoe, it’s me

I’ve only gotten on some walls once with these and I like them already. The sizing recommendation worked perfectly for a street size 9 over here. These are my first pair of more aggressive shoes, so my toes were a little more crunched than usual (in my pink Momoa LVs), but I didn’t take them off for almost 80 minutes which surprised me. Did that mean my toes didn’t feel the crunch? No, they did, but I was pleased with the grip on the soles. I just need to trust them a little more to finish a couple projects!

Also, I wish these were a little smaller in volume, but I have no issue with the shoe moving around as I’m climbing.

Great shoes, great style

I really love these shoes so far. They were really tight at first so I was a little concerned, but they loosened up after a few weeks and fit perfectly now. I’m a size 11 in Nike and got a size 12. They immediately improved my climbing and I also appreciate the way they look.

Michael Y

Followed the sizing guide. At first I couldn’t even put my foot in the shoe and thought I should’ve gone up a half size but once I got in and had a miserable few sessions it def stretched out and now very nice and comfortable. Street shoe size 8 and went with a 8.5.


  • So iLL athlete Toshi Takeuchi climbs in the So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
  • So iLL athlete Toshi Takeuchi climbs in the So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
  • So iLL athlete Claire Bukowski climbs in the So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe
So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe outer profile
So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe top profile

Perfectly Soft

The synthetic vegan upper fits like a slipper, and the fabric is normally used on the inside of durable work boots in the footwear industry. For a shoe at this level, it is incredibly comfortable. The thread we use for the upper is specially made in the southeast as one of the softest threads in the world, and cannot be felt in the toe box. This shoe is sensitive and every detail matters when performing at a high level.

No Hot Spots

Dark Matter toe rubber meets the rand by butting up together, with no overlapping. This is incredibly hard to do in production and provides no hot spots.

So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe bottom profile
So iLL New Zero Climbing Shoe inner profile


The New Zero is coated in "Dark Matter" rubber, part of the "UnParallel Rubber" family, a sticky outsole rubber originally formulated for the United States Navy Seals to ensure security in foot placement during approaches. It's the stickiest rubber you will experience.


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  • New Zero Climbing Shoe

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