Free Range - Pre and Post

Simplicity can be deceiving. When you're taking a photo or creating a design (or both) keeping it simple is more complicated than it seems. 
There's a difference between boring and simple. A photo can be pure and simple, while still eliciting a response - it's a fine line. 
When we set out to take our images, we strive for simplicity above all else. The product should speak for itself. Unfortunately, digital sensors aren't as powerful or dynamic as the human eye, so we have to help it along via color grading. 
Below is a short look at our creative process and how we typically like to enhance the quality of our images. Sometimes it's subtle, and other times we like to add pops of color to change the overall look.  We spend a lot of time researching and developing our shoes to get them just right - we want our photos to reflect that.