Crash Pads

It gets increasingly difficult to come up with photo ideas for new products - especially something as subtle as a crash pad. Often, the best answer is the simplest.

We knew we wanted an overhead shot of someone climbing, but none of us really have the time to drive out to the boulders for a few shots. We did what any logical photographer would do: enlist the help of a (climber) friend and scout out their own backyard. For us, this is St. Louis, MO.

After visiting a few parks, and finding various monoliths to climb on, we realized this would be a tricky shoot. We discovered some prospects - most of them guarded by the public eye. Not wanting to make a spectacle, we sought out an isolated park along Grand Ave with perfectly carved stone walls, and a nice simple backdrop for clean, modern photos.

I actually love the finished product. No, it's not some amazing, bouldery face, with perfect incut crimps, but we feel the style we were going for was pretty much nailed.

Lesson learned: Don't overthink the shoot. Find a simple idea like this and execute. It doesn't always have to be on an epic scale. Most times, locations like this are right under your nose.