2014 Product Reel

With the 2014 Product Reel, our vision was to make the new products feel alive.  Since we are primarily web based, highlighting the new line can be challenging.  It is not easy to show the quality of a product on a website alone.  This is why we spend so much time trying to convey the designs and aesthetics of our finished goods.  Beyond trade shows, events, and Climb So iLL in Saint Louis, our website is the only place to show you the ins and outs of new product categories.

When the new line is coming together each year, we do extensive product photo shoots right here in the office (the images you see on product pages).  We also take lifestyle images at several locations (the images in the slider of the new SoiLLHolds.com).  We do a macro photo shoot that highlights small details from product packaging to zippers to different textures (usually seen on product pages as a secondary photo).  On top of these image-driven marketing photos, we spend a ridiculous amount of time on our video reel.

This year we teamed up with our friends, and So iLL supporters, Tennyson Tanner and Evan Endicott.  They are both marketing, film, and photo experts in Southern Illinois (So iLL).  In order to make something really great, we need the best team available, and our partnership with Tennyson has turned out something incredible once again.  This partnership has put the media category of our small company on par with the biggest and best in the industry.  Tennyson was Director of Photography for the other So iLL videos: Live It. Own It., Holds Everywhere, and Make Your Own Holds.

Together, we filmed for nearly 15 hours straight spinning the products at variable speeds and angles.  On different camera tracks, we "flew" into, out of, over, and around the products as they were spinning and moving. We also filmed the new Dry Paks, Liquid Chalk, Wood Boards, Fungus Holds, Setter Bucket, Boar Hair Brush, and tons of other training products.  The shoot was exhausting but motivating.  There is something magical about seeing the products that we have been developing over the last year come to life.

Once the physical filming of the products was finished, we moved to editing and spent 24 hours completing the project.  The moving products were mixed with still images and macro photography as we started the process.  Once this was finished, we separated products into different sections and decided on an order for the film.  Then came the music.  Quick edits and transitions were timed perfectly with the beats of the backing track.  It was really beautiful to finally have something that shows the new products visually and at the highest quality possible.  We have been working on the products for over a year, some products even longer.  It took meetings upon meetings, testing upon testing, color changes, and more color changes.  We eat, sleep, and breathe these products for long periods of time before the photo and video shoots even begin.  We realize that this may be the very first time you are seeing them which is why we work so hard during the pre-release phase.  The way we display the products and show you the details is of tremendous importance so you can understand what we understand about them.

We are slowly learning.  We are finding ways to help you.  We are going to push the envelope creatively to have you see what we see during the development phases.  We appreciate you being on this journey with us.  Things will always improve, from production techniques to producing product videos to making even better images.  Each year, things get better because we learn a little more from the previous ones and realize more of what is most important for you.  Let's move forward... together.