So iLL's four-pack of Plungers are perfect for gym use and home walls alike. The vertical design or the incut 15° angle are a great fit for an assortment of walls.  The bomber urethane plungers and beechwood pegs are ready for years of training.

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Buy Stand-Alone Plunger Pegs

Straight or 15° Variations
40mm Wooden Pegs
Screw In or Bolt-On
Builds Strength

*Unless a custom color is specified and paid for, you will receive your holds in one of our nine inventory colors. Please note that custom color orders are produced on a per order basis and require a 30-day lead time.

Premium Materials

A perfect fit. The attractive grain and unique density of the 40mm beechwood pegs make for a stunning contrast to the bright, molded bomber urethane plungers.

Adaptive Angles

Two distinct angles make for a wide array of uses. So iLL’s Plungers are the perfect match to a gym or home wall.

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