Grip Wash
Introducing a cleaning system that is specifically made for climbing holds. Grip Wash removes all normal dirt associated with climbing holds (rubber, chalk, sweat, oils). It's fast and intensive. No greasy film remains after cleaning. It works on all holds, every brand, whether Urethane or Resin. Works with both the dishwasher and bucket systems. 

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Grip Wash case contains four bottles of wash. 
Each bottle contains 4 cups of Grip Wash powder. 
Each cup makes one gallon of liquid Grip Wash. 
Total of 16 gallons of Grip Wash per case.

- Mix 1 Measuring Cup Grip Wash with 1 Gallon Water.  Stir. 
- Soak Holds 8 - 10 Minutes or Until Clean. 
- Scrub Rubber Covered Holds with Soft Brush. 
- Dunk in Cool Water Bath.

- Double Fill Standard Detergent Spot with Grip Wash Powder. 
- Run Normal Hold Cycle.

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